Advantages and Disadvantages of Daily Delta 8 Hemp Usage.

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It has been about 2 months since I started to experiment with Delta 8 hemp products. I thought I'd write a little about the benefits I've received and also what I feel are the disadvantages I've experienced.

As always, this is not medical advice and if you're not of the legal age of consent in your country leave now. This post is for adults only and is strictly opinion based. By continuing you are stating that you are a legal adult and able to make decisions for yourself.

OK, with that out of the way I've been experimenting a lot with Delta 8 Hemp products. For those that don't know Delta 8 is a THC/pot or marijuana type product derived from hemp. In the US, because the Delta 8 THC is derived from hemp, it's legal in many states here and has very similar effects to cannabis.

So it has been a couple months since NY legalized recreational use cannabis. Dispensaries probably wont be open until next summer but Delta 8 products are available in many retail shops. I started experimenting with these products and here are the advantages and disadvantages I've found.


I'll start with the advantages. As many of you know I suffer from back pain. I'm happy to report that my back pain is completely under control. Although I can feel it leaning over a certain way or doing work around the house, it's not the constant nuisance it was becoming before delta 8. This has also led me to becoming much more productive again. I'm very thankful for that!


So after suffering with these back issues for so long I've been partaking in Delta 8 almost daily. I have two separate strains that I'm using now. I smoke a couple hits of Blueberry Moonrocks in the morning after my morning cup of coffee. It's a much milder buzz with a more energetic mellow high. Perfect for daytime use. That generally covers me for most of the day. Sometimes I'll smoke a little more mid afternoon but generally wont partake again until after dinner. After dinner I'll smoke a little White Whale which is a little more potent. Most evenings I'll smoke throughout the night taking several hits while watching TV, gaming, or screwing around on the internet.

With my back feeling soooo much better, I'm getting a lot more done now. I've actually started light jogs on the treadmill 4 to 5 days a week. I'm stretching again, something I never should have stopped doing. I'm also doing light free-weights after each jog. This is all stuff I stopped doing when the back pain was just too much and my body was suffering horribly for it.

Surprisingly I also feel much more focused and goal oriented. I was expecting the opposite. The lazy pot smoker stereotype hasn't really been my experience. However, it wasn't when I was a heavy cannabis user in my youth either. So that might just be me. I've actually found it to have the opposite affect and I'm more creative and eager in most of my undertakings.

Another advantage has been an improved mental attitude. I have to admit, during the Corona Virus lockdowns my mental attitude was absolutely shot. I'm much more relaxed now and definitely not so uptight. I'm really happy about that and I think it reflects in my daily interactions with people I come in contact with.

One of the biggest advantages I've received is I've almost all but quit drinking. I've probably had maybe 2 or 3 drinks in the last two months. I did have a hankering for some whiskey a couple weeks into this and I did indulge. The next morning I was pretty hungover and had to ask myself, "Why do you do this to yourself?" Since then, I've had maybe 3 drinks if that! Mainly a glass of wine with my father or a bottle of beer while getting a little sun. Again, during corona virus lockdowns, I was actually a little concerned about my drinking. I am planning on having a few drinks on Father's day this weekend, and I'll most certainly partake in some alcohol on the Fourth of July!

Finally, another huge advantage for me has been insomnia! Forget about it. For me Delta 8 is an insomnia killer! A few hits before bed and I'm out like a light. I think this is another reason I'm much more energetic throughout the day again. I'm finally getting several weeks of absolutely incredible sleep.

IMHO I'm getting a lot of positive advantages from regular Delta 8 Hemp use. Let's take a look at some of the disadvantages.


I've suffered from serious sinus infections for the last 20 years or so. I haven't had a serious one for a really long time. A couple weeks back, I had a pretty serious one. I'm not really sure if that was a result of smoking delta 8 daily. I did stop smoking for a couple days with no withdrawal affects or cravings whatsoever! It didn't seem to help though, so I returned to smoking a few hits a day while I recovered. Not sure if it was a side effect of daily smoking but thought it would be worthy of a mention. Allergy season has been terrible this year. I'm guessing allergies!

I'm not sure if I've been feeling burnt out on writing, I have nothing to write, or it's just pot smokers apathy. It's really the only thing I've struggled with. I haven't been blogging as much and I want that to change. Again, I think this is worthy of a mention. I was blogging much more frequently before smoking daily. I think this is a little bit of writers block and not having much to write about, but also a little bit of pot smokers apathy.

The Delta 8 THC vape carts I purchased are a bit harsh for daily use. I've read some articles online and a lot of people have experienced throat irritation from the vape carts. Side effects have included coughing, sore throats, and headaches. I've experienced the coughing and sore throats from the vape carts. I should also mention I was vaping pretty heavy before the sinus infection. I will say this though, the delta 8 THC vape carts pack a much heavier punch than the delta 8 hemp flower I've been smoking. For the most part, I'll pull out a vape cart on the weekend and take a few hits. Anything more than though and I start coughing. It's definitely the vape cart in my case. It affects everyone differently. I do not experience that smoking the hemp flower. I'll probably try a different brand when these are gone and see if it's different. I am enjoying these A LOT though when the urge arises. They pack a real punch!

Seeing we're on the topic of breathing and coughing; I haven't experienced any noticeable breathing issues when jogging since smoking daily. As a matter of fact, I've lost a little weight since jogging and my breathing seems to be getting stronger! I was actually a little concerned about that and regular exercise has improved my heavy breathing when exerting myself!

Another thing I really don't like at all is that I'm smoking hemp daily. I quit smoking cigarettes several years ago and I don't like the idea of inhaling hemp smoke on an almost daily basis. For this reason I think I want to look into edibles next. You can probably expect some delta 8 thc edible reviews coming soon.


Now that my back pain issues seem under control I may reduce the amount of delta 8 I consume. For now though, I'm happy with the results. I have a much improved attitude, I seem much more focused and my back pain is manageable again. I can work with this. Plus, I wont lie, I really enjoy the buzz! So far the advantages have far out-weighed the disadvantages for me!

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Absolutely phenomenal fat medical cannabis is helping even more people.

Awesome job and I can't wait to see more amazing cannabis content

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Thank you!

Thank you. I'm going to be posting delta 8 reviews regularly, The Delta 8 THC products have been a real game changer for me. I'll be posting some Cannabis reviews as soon our dispensaries open! I'm pretty excited about that! Thanks for reading and commenting!

So many other chemicals that we need more knowledge about. This is why I advocate for full spectrum oils.

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Good to hear it's mainly positive for you. I think it's pretty hard to get such products legally here, but they may be available for some medical conditions. If it's making you more mobile then that's great, but a lack of motivation to write is not so good. Maybe that's down to something else.

I have tried a few joints some years ago, but they did not do much for me and I never felt an urge to do more. People can do what they like to themselves as far as I'm concerned if they are not harming others. A lot of the harm is down to crime associated with drugs and legalising some drugs could help with that. I don't know what the impact has been where you are. You ought to at least have more confidence in the quality of what you are buying.


but a lack of motivation to write is not so good. Maybe that's down to something else.

I think it's more writers block and the fact that I really haven't been doing much of anything besides trading and hanging out around the house. I blame corona virus more for that. It's been tough finding interesting topics to write about for me. I think that's a huge part of the problem for me right now.

A lot of the harm is down to crime associated with drugs and legalising some drugs could help with that. I don't know what the impact has been where you are. You ought to at least have more confidence in the quality of what you are buying.

I agree. Prohibition seems to cause more problems than the problem it's trying to solve. It is nice being able to buy products in a store, having a selection of products to choose from and knowing that there is some "quality control" in place. Not to mention, it takes money away from criminals. I never really considered pot dealers criminals but the few pot dealers I know are pretty upset that they'll be losing their jobs soon 🤣 We're probably going to see price wars between street dealers and dispensaries now! 🤣 That could be a good thing!




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