2 New Use Cases for WEED! - WeedCash Store and dCity WEED Integration!

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Things are still moving fast for WeedCash behind the scenes. This is just a quick update to announce two ongoing projects that are going live with WEED token integrations!

#1 WeedCash Store is Live!

@thelogicaldude has been busy building HiveList on Hive-Engine, but was kind enough to take the time to make the WeedCash Store! Thanks to @thelogicaldude, we now have WeedCash branded gear for sale for HIVE and HBD at http://weedcash.store/

weedcash store.png

But the big announcement is that the store will soon be accepting WEED!

Big shout out to @roomservice for adapting Woo Commerce for HIVE and HBD! And thanks to @aggroed for convincing him to adapt for Hive-Engine tokens.

#2 You can already buy digital goods and services with WEED in dCity!

I don't know if you've played the hottest new game on the block yet, but I'm already addicted to it. I'm usually not much into games so the fact that I've spent time building this city surprises me. But, it makes sense as I am earning as I play!


In the game you can now spend WEED by organizing "WEED Fests" and earn WEED by having "WEED Farms" in your city. I will make a more detailed post about this soon and I'll be giving away 5 WEED Farms in a contest!

To learn more about dCity, checkout https://dcity.io/ and the latest update: https://peakd.com/dcity/@dcitygame/update-explained-release-date-and-2000-hive-promotion

Between @thelogicaldude's new craiglist like dapp the new WeedCash Store and the dCity integration, real world use cases are developing for WEED quickly!


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I've already ordered from his store lol.. in fact I mentioned he should be accepting WEED

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Hey Richard, Hows it going?
Remember me from steem experience?
I used to moderate there with photoworm.
It's been a while.
I just thought I'll stop by and say Hi.
Hope all is well with you and Taj Mahal.

Hey man! Yeah, I definitely remember you! Been a good while, nice to hear from you! We had some great adventures in the Dodge Mahal, but we're stationary for now. Thanks for stopping by, hope you are doing great!

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I need to check into dcity. I just don’t have the time at this point trying to build some hivecommerce!

That's actually another cool thing about it imo. After you learn the ropes and get your initial town set up, you can just do a little management every once in a while. Obviously, it's only cool if you enjoy it, but you also earn SIM tokens and even HIVE if you are in the top 200 cities.

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Hey man! Good to see you back :D