Tent Update: Playing The Waiting Game

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What's up fellow Weed Nerds! Hope your weekend was a good one, time to get back at it. For me I have a little of weight off my shoulders, due to not having anything grown inside the tent. It is so quite with no fans running. It is amazing how accustomed you become to that humming sound. To me it is quite soothing. But as of now, I wait.

And wait.......

With the cool weather of the Central Coast, and with the help from my dehumidifier, my recently harvested cannabis is drying so perfect! The #5gallonchallenge contender that was harvested on 8/30 is still hanging, and could even go longer. That would make it 2 weeks. It is very important to not let cannabis dry to fast, but it is also important to not let mold grow. My numbers, and airflow have been on point. Never reaching higher then 80 degrees, and that was one hot day, and humidity staying in the 55-60% range. I have fans blowing in both directions, but not directly on the buds. This is allowing a small breeze throughout the closet.

Killing time.....

Now that I have a empty tent, I am taking advantage of cleaning, and disinfecting. A clean grow, is a happy grow! You never know what could be left behind. I am also hoping that if there is any bugs of any kind lurking around, that they get killed.

Bleach will do. I have also seen people use rubbing alcohol. I also vacuumed up the bottom. Really not a whole lot of work, except cleaning off the fan blades is a bitch.

Cleaning the filter, plus in-line fan isnt the hard work, putting it back on is! I always have a hard time hanging shit in the tent. I really wish it came with more over head bars. Do any of you tent growers have the same issue?

I also took a soft cloth, and wiped down my lights. I was sure to be extremely careful, since this model of light does not have the protecting covering that some other models offer. The only bad thing about those is that the light does not shine as powerful as it would with no cover. The upside being of course to protect the diodes better.

Then the final touch was to add some stickers that I forgot I had. I love stickers! I remember back in the day when you could send the cost of postage to skate companies, and they would send you back stickers. That was so cool. Back in the day before every company had a web page. Shit I even remember you could write to the sports teams, and every once in a while someone would send there photo with their auto graph. The coolest thing I got was a picture with Orel Hershiser, and his autograph! But I digress. Stickers in the grow room. Do they help your grow, or not? ;)

Remember my last post?

I really love those Super Croppers from Bif Beans. I am not kidding when I say every grower should have them. Just in case you don't check out my last post, just look at the before.....

This was taken on Saturday morning


So that's all for now. Here soon I will be starting to germ the La Kush Cakes from @lacausa. Very excited about those! I also have my eyes out for this Grape Ape clone that is set to be released from my local nursery. If I can have that, and the La Kush Cake, I would be one happy grower. I plan to take a cut from the above plant, and grow that indoors as well. Either way, my tent will be on fire, once again. But this time with improvements. So stay tuned, and be on the look out for my next update. I will be doing another seed to bowl posting serious here on the Hive Block Chain!! Peace





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Ya, it is super nice to not have any plants growing, but after about a week, I am ready and excited for the next grow to start.

Heheh yeah. That week may grow to 10 days or even a couple weeks, if it has been several cycles in a row since I had a proper break. But then again, sometimes I get inspired, and have sprouts ready to go into pots just as the last ones get cut, so who the hell knows. A grower has to grow when and how they feel the urge!

Yeah I think I should hurry and start the seeds, so that way I can get a clone while I’m in the 2 week stage .

I will also harvest in a few weeks and it will be little but at least it is mine hahaha

Hell yeah! That’s what’s it’s about. Back when I started my harvests where so small, but I was happy and I learned a lot! Keep it up dude:)

Lookin great! Yeah it's nice to have things down and gone for a while. Then the urge hits and gets worse and worse until you're knee deep in plants again :P
You have drying/curing down to an art, good stuff. Yeah it's all about going slowly, but not so slowly that you get mold. A gentle breeze but not direct air. And not letting it get too humid, too dry, too hot, or too cold! Did we miss anything? Heheh. It can be done anywhere, as long as you know what conditions to try and hit. Looks like you will end up with some great sensi!!

Thanks bro! And yeah I decided to use one of our walk in closets, and come to find out it’s damn near perfect! Wish I would of tried this out sooner. Good thing my wife don’t mind being kicked out for a couple weeks ;)

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Two weeks...I can't get passed 5th day...lol. I keep grabbing nuggs and pressing them. Your grow hands down was the best. I can't wait till you get them JBoys popin. I hate dealing with the fans as well.

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Thanks bro! Means a lot because your killing it. It’s cool having more growers here posting. Because there is knowledge passed . On Instagram it’s just pics, but here we do details, and end up spreading information whether we all realize or not.

I’ll probably be dropping those seeds in water tomorrow:)

Yea, I feel ya. Good luck

Thanks dude!

Somebody should sell and ship those bendy clip things here on the chain. Accept HIVE, ship in a cheap little bubble envelope. Seems like a really easy, fun, and even profitable little side business for someone.

Yeah that’s the beauty of 3D printing, it’s decentralized:)

True, but still kinda pricey to get started up... I don't have any local buddies with one yet :P

Ain't this amazing? That was exactly what I thought once I saw the title of this post and the Cover photo with some weed.

Man..... I see you having fun planting and cultivating them weeds. Keep it up, Bro. I'm proud of you!👏🏻

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Thanks man!

You're welcome.👍🏻

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lol i though it was kinda stupid my Filter support too.. i hate seting up the tent, and this is the main reason too..

how do you call this thing you are using to lst your plants ? seems pretty cool and easy to use. never seen it around here.

your closet must be smelling good =D good job

It’s a 3D printed supper cropper, I think it’s about 12$ for 30 of them, and yeah I need to build the muscle memory to have my hands above my head for long periods lol

no dry net, I can still recommend it. your weed looks super tasty.

Thanks bro!

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