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RE: Hashkings Seed Giveaway Up to 10 Winners This Round

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Just wondering how many seeds do you get per day? As I haven't seen a lot of MOTA recently due to the slow growing times, I think my chances of seeds have been dropping quite a bit.

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Seed distribution varies based on how many seeds were planted the previous day. That number is multiplied by 1.10 and that is how many seeds are given out in a day. Your share of the distribution depends on how much MOTA you have staked. There is no real way to predict how many seeds are distributed daily because the number is never the same.

I am in the top 5 of staked MOTA and I get like 20-30 seeds a day- maybe more recently. Impossible for me to know exact numbers though as there are so many variables.

If you aren't adding MOTA to the pool regularly your share will likely decline as others enter the pool. My distribution seems to be slowly increasing each day. At least for now.

Yea my share has been declining and even burning my buds didn't exactly net me much MOTA. So I plan on just going hands off in a while. While I may get some seeds, I foresee at this point that in the future I won't be able to get seeds normally off the pool. If that does occur, I can just sell off water but either way I don't know if the system itself is sustainable for people with 7 day planting times.

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Yeah seed production is very whale-ish. Right now it's tough to harvest high yield crops because of the new water requirements. I started selling seeds for BUDS to burn for MOTA because I can't harvest every day right now.

As for seeds there should be a big spike in seed distribution this week. Sub plots should be live starting tomorrow which means lots of people will be planting.