Selling Weed To Buy More LEO!

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I'm not actually dealing weed. What I'm selling are WEED tokens, earned from posting on the Weed Cash Network. WEED is following in the footsteps of LeoFinance. Though I don't see the same huge level of development, they're still putting in the work.

WEED, like LeoFinance, is planning to launch their own liquidity pool on Uniswap. wWEED! Get your Ethereum ready! You'll need it to put in the bowl...I mean pool.


Over 1,000 WEED Staked!


It's a humble beginning but 1,000 WEED is a good starting landmark. Like HIVE and other second layer tokens, half my earnings go to the curators. Then, half of my WEED rewards go straight into vests. Every time I post, my staking are all but guaranteed to increase.

As for the liquid WEED? I don't always sell it all. But when the price is up...I start slinging WEED. And where does the swap.hive go? Either towards more LEO or LEOM. I've made another small beginning with the acquisition of 7 LEOM.


100 WEED (Guess The Bud Weight) Winnings!


Back in the day, dealers used to sling sacks of weed in sandwich size plastic baggies. Not even ziplock most of the time. So when @picyoudyer ran a contest to guess the weight of his bud, I imagined it was in a baggy.

The hard part was not going over the weight, which would have disqualified my guess. He held the bud in his hand, so I could tell how it would fit in a sandwich bag. Another hint was that the bud was very dense.


My Alt Account - @love4nugs

It didn't look to be a full quarter ounce (7 grams), but close to it. Not wanting to go over, I toned down my guess to 5.5 grams. The bud came out at 6.1 grams. My initial thought was 6.3. Glad I toned it down because my 5.5 guess took second place!


WEED Is Down - Buy WEED!


That's right. The Weed Cash Network is on the up and up so buy some WEED. Even the non-stoners can turn a profit! You can learn something about the incredible healing qualities of Mary Jane while safely handling WEED.

WEED is currently trading right at the $0.02 cent level. It's also a good time to start posting your ganja related topics on the Weed Cash Network. With a little effort and good imagery, my posts have been doing quite well. I'm sure authorship will shoot up once WEED gets going, just as it has here on LeoFinance.

There are many ways to earn LEO on LeoFinance! Here's at least one way to grab more LEO outside of LeoFinance. So buy some WEED!

Not to mention, I don't like selling WEED to buy more LEO when the price of WEED is down. So buy more WEED! Before I burn through my earnings. 💨💨💨

Thanks for your attention and support. Hit that upvote if you liked the content so I don't have to sell so much WEED!

Not Financial Advice

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I am going to have to check you guys out. Do you guys have your own front end like LeoFinance? I may have to put my VPN on before I visit though... US still a bit cranky with weed. But honest officer, I was just buying weed crypto! Hahaha.

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Hello. The answer to your question is yes. It's called the WeedCashNetwork. You can find the link on the LeoDEX, on Hive-Engine, or any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck).

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With the slump in HIVE prices, I've been trying to focus my efforts more and more on earning WEED, JAHM, LEO, LOTUS and BRO tokens. We gotta diversify.

For sure. I do hope the decentralization of Hive Engine comes asap. Lotus & Bro are still on my list of need to gets. But the others you mention are in my portfolio. I also grabbed some CCC and NEOXAG. And SPORTS! 😁

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@inalittlewhile, Post, Vote, Claim, Buy, Sell and Swap, current Hive Dream Process. Stay blessed.

That's the path! That's the dream! Thanks for stopping by @chireerocks. Haven't talked to you in ages. Made me smile! 😁

Welcome and good to read your response. 🙂

For a moment I thought you had started selling real weed in an attempt to buy as much leo as possible.

Guess trading virtual weed works too :)

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I thought about it. The kids need a few more years. The outdoor grow areas we have wouldn't get enough sun. Maybe I'll do big pots. Indoor is expensive to set up. 😁💨

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Long live $LEO Community

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Long live HIVE! Long live LeoFinance!! 😁🦁🐝

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Thanks for the shout out! So unexpected when I was reading it, lol. But one thing I love about Weed, is the momentum, and excitement has been here from day 1. That will never go away. As far as the development, I will not be surprised at what @richardcrill has up his sleeve.

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Hehe. The title doesn't sound like I support the Weed Cash Network. Nothing could be further from the truth. Looking forward to learning more about Weed Cash and the development ahead! 😁

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Well hopefully people read, before coming to any conclusion lol.

Good point. They probably won't. Good thing I'm a stoner and it's not like people's judgement is anything new to me. I'll just pass the virtual joint and keep on keeping on.

What's LEOM?

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Leo Miner. Get them on the LeoDEX. They give a chance to mine LEO. I think they're going to be worth alot more too.

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Damn, I love weed. I gotta start participating in the network.

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Come on over. Follow @love4nugs. I'll vote your posts. My stake is growing everyday! 😁

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Sounds like a plan!

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Oh yea! I forgot to say. WEED pays out every four days (and twenty minutes). Instead of every 7 days!

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