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Hello #HiveGarden. Frank White here with a quick video and question for the community. I have noticed the presence of what I think to be spider mites and couple of my plants. I removed a branch from my tomato plant that was over run and basically dying. I have since found a group on my Candy Cane Pepper plant. This one is near a top and I hope to avoid cutting it away. Although I do have spray for pests, it has a warning that it may harm bees. As the world's pollinating work horse, I try to do all I can to give the bees a hand, not harm or kill them.

So I ask from the community, what suggestions have YOU to rid these pests in a naturally, non toxic way?
At the end of the short video are a few pictures showing the 'nest' a little more clearly than the video did.
Thank You all and #Way2Grow @hivegarden


I would say its safe for the bees, as long they are not around. Just spray at night. Then in the morning spray with water

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I will keep it on hand and like you suggest, use sparingly and with a wash the next watering. Thanks.

Spider mites are always around and you cannot get rid of them. Thing is, they can only successfully attack stressed plants. This easily happens to plants in pots because the roots are generally subjected to water stress. Besides lack of water, hot dry conditions and lack of airflow is the other cue for mites to get set up on the plants and that usually is the case for indoor plants. Misting them is usually the answer. For you, it has to be larger pots and more frequent watering

Thank You for the helpful response. It is hot and dry here for sure. I started misting right away. Blasting most of them off with my water bottle sprayer.

I would say going and getting some predatory mites. These seems to be the best thing along with ladybugs and larva

Good idea. I am interested now in looking for some lady bugs. Thank You.