Trimming and watering


Closer and closer to harvest


I think I have about 4 more weeks or so until my first plant is going to be ready for harvest and then the rest of them will be ready within another week or so. Today I took all of my plants out of the tent and gave them a nice trimming to remove some of the more discolored leaves and some of the bottom leaves that are starting to droop because of lack of lighting on them.


Some of my older leaves have begun to turn colors and the tips are turning yellowish. This is pretty much expected at this point in time to have some discoloration. Especially since I have not done as much defoliation.


Those larger leaves have been blocking a lot of light to the lower leaves and bud sites as well, so it was time to get rid of them so that more of the plants could get some light on their lower sites.


These buds are going to be so nice in a few weeks.




Even the newer buds are starting to look awesome and fill in.


I can't wait to try this bud out. It will be my first balanced hybrid that I have grown. I have only grown pure Indica or heavy Indica strains. So it will be nice to have a strain that has some different effects.


I am hoping this one can be used more of a day time strain and not just put me in relax mode.


One thing I do know is that I will be mainlining my plants from here on out. It is so much better than having a super tall beanstalk.

Growing cannabis has been such an awesome new hobby. It is one of the more fulfilling hobbies that I have, mainly because it has given me the ability to take my life back and get my health in my own hands and not rely on the medications that the VA was prescribing me. It will be crazy to think what type of cannabis I will be growing years from now.



Always coming in here with the science. I am sure it has something to do with my water. I am going to have to buy a bunch of spring water and see if that helps. With the drought we have going on here, I am sure the water treatment plants are putting too much crap in the water.

Yeah I would not really worry to much about it. Do you let your tap water sit for 24 hours prior to watering?

Ya I do. Just so there isn't a big temp shock

Man it is a very amazing plant as well as the pictures you took. The color of the leaves were great, I liked your pictures. What a great job you were able to do with your plants.

Thanks dude