So fragile


Such a little cutie


My new cannabis plants sprouted up five days ago and they are in their most fragile state of their short lives. One thing I had gotten into trouble with in the past was being an over involved grower. That usually leads to overwatering and drowning in your seedlings early stage of life.


So right now, I am watering about every 3 days and I check the soil after the second day to make sure it isn't drying out and then making sure I don't overwater. I am using a new kelp nutrient from Bushdoctor to feed these babies. I have read that kelp and seaweed is a super food for cannabis in its seedling stage, so I am looking forward to seeing if this makes the plants explode with growth.


I've got four plants in my 4X4 tent and I think that is going to be the perfect amount for this grow. I did have five in there that I had germinated, but the Ghost Toof never sprouted up, so it is going to have to sit on the sidelines until I start my next grow. I think this grow is going to be pretty awesome and I can't wait to see how all these strains differ from each other as they grow. They are all brand new strains for me that I have never seen in person, so this should be very cool.


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Thank you. Much appreciated.

I remember my earlier days constantly checking, and wanting to add whatever I could thinking I would get good results lol

Ya. Patience with these plants has been a hard lesson for me to learn. Now I just check them every day while they are in their early stages, instead of every few hours thinking I need to do something for them.

they look really perky! Your photos are always of amazing quality man real good job!

Thanks homie. I try and make my stuff look different than what you would normally see.

I can't imagine myself getting so immersed in growing cannabis. Well, that's maybe because it don't have a good impression for us here in my country the Philippines. But oh, I understand why you were fond of growing it. I know that others, it's a business for them. Well I do understand since I had quite the same experience, but it was for succulents and cactus.

I never really thought that I would come to love these kinds of plants. Now I like them more than flowers and ornamental plants.

Too bad your government is so ignorant to the health benefits of this plant. It has saved so many lives.

Nicely done, they look lovely 🤝

I've tried to do the same though, fucked up somewhere during the process and they haven't grown as they should...

I suppose I wasn't patient enough.

The good thing is that you can learn with each grow and soon your plants will be amazing.

Nice one, like your effort toworld your plant,you check on them time to time and you don't let them go dry,and you don't over water them that was so amazing.

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Last night I told you that I wanted to take photos with drops on the flower I told you about to see how the photos turned out, but the difference is abysmal.

Nice work as always man

Beautiful photo, I love that the texture of the leaf can be detailed and with the drop of water it looks incredible!!!

Such a great shot! I really love macro photography, and this photo is just awesome. Anyways, may I know what lens did you use to take the photo? thanks :D

Thank you. I used a Canon 100mm macro lens.

Wow, cool, beautiful nature)

Thanks homie

So beutifull <3

Amazing photos, looking forward to seeing what these bunch produces!

Thank you. I appreciate the compliment

excellent what you are doing and good pictures.

Beautiful photography, @derangedvision!

Hello, thank you for this photo where the plant meets the water


Sprouts of the Cannabis, how cute..

Your photography is great!.

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