One of my all time favorites


This will always be a favorite


Northern Lights will always be a favorite of mine. It was the very first strain that I ever grew. It also has some amazing effects.


This batch has been curing since June 10th and I can honestly say that this one is even better than my first batch. Northern Lights is a pure Indica strain and produces some of the best calming and body relaxing effects of any strain I have had.


The smell of these buds are super sweet and pungent. It practically smacks your nostrils around with its amazing aroma.


I use this amazing strain for body pain and for help with sleeping and it has never let me down. In fact, I am warming up my Volcano right now and will be packing it with some of this that I will enjoy for the remainder of the evening.




It sho is homie


That looks beautiful. I may need to give it another shot.

You should. They have been curing longer and just aging like a fine wine.

Light them up, let the smoke brings peace

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Hey thanks

You're welcome! @derangedvisions

I'm making tacos and fajitas for the tribe atm & will be back with a proper comment later. #PPP

Nice. We just got done eating tacos too.

I recently heard about this strain from a friend who tried it in Chile, but I don't know anything about the many various strains available in the world. I'm sure someone grows them in my city somewhere, but I've never found them. I'd love to work with them, but I guess it's likelier that I'll find them when I travel abroad. Thank you for sharing your work with this plant, what you do is awesome!

I think I had a taste of that many years ago in Florida. Amazing stuff. And those photos, man, looks like some snow fell down onto it. Very nice!

And it just keeps getting better the longer I cure it.

I can only imagine! :)