Hydroponic Grow


Photo by me

So many plants


One of my friends has about 16 plants that he has been growing the past two months and I went to go and see them today. I had been wanting to go and get some pictures of his set up for a while now.

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Photo by me

Some of his plants started flowering last week, so I knew there were going to be some tiny buds that should make some good pictures.

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Photo by me

The root system for hydroponics is so much different than how I am growing mine. It is pretty cool to see how big of a root ball there is for these plants.


Photo by me

Citril Glue is the main strain that he is growing and I think 14 of the plants are that strain.


Photo by me

The other couple plants are from a random grab bag of seeds he was given, so he isn't too sure what they are going to be.


Photo by me

This is one of the random plants. It is the one that is furthest along in the flowering stage. It looks to be some sort of a sativa strain, but it is anyone's guess what it actually is.


Photo by me

It has a pretty cool looking structure to it and a ton of trichomes forming.


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Photo by me


Photo by me

This other unknown plant looks like a sativa as well because of the narrow leaves. Hopefully the Citral Glue begins to bud soon as well so that they can harvest everything around the same time.


Photo by me


Photo by me

I am going to have to go back and visit these plants again in a couple weeks so I can get pictures of how big the buds will be at that point. All of the plants looked super healthy and have a really good feeding structure.

For his second grow ever, I think he is doing an awesome job with everything. Especially since he jumped right into a hydroponic grow. I am hoping to learn hydroponics at some point, but for now, I will stick to growing in soil.

I hope that you enjoyed these images. Too bad you can't smell how awesome the room smelled from these pictures.


Seeing roots is awesome, but I would also rather do soil. What kind of lights is he using?

I dont even know. They can switch to different colors for the different cycles. I don't think he has enough lighting in the room for all of the plants either.

Very good plants 🌱

The hydroponic crops are great, the plants look very healthy and with good growth, they use led lights?

Thanks. Ya they were LED lights in the room.

I thought you had a little farm on your hands until i saw it was your buddy's setup. Those are some photogenic plants there. Looking forward to seeing how they look when you do your follow-up! I bet it did smell delicious!

I wish I had this many plants. One day I will. I have been looking at different areas to move to here in the US where I can have some land and have my own farm.

That would be super cool to have some land and some crops. I would make sure to check taxes too. I know most places where you can grow your own probably have some piss-poor property taxes.

great quality , 16 plants seems like enough.. for a month or two 😅