Grow Tent Update for October 5th, 2021


It's flowering time here


It has been about a week since the last update and my plants have really taken off. I just gave them a heavy feeding of nutrients and they are now requiring a daily watering.


My bubblegum is still shorter than the others and very bushy. It is a super healthy plant, but isn't quite as ready for flowering yet like the red poison. This one also doesn't seem to need as much water yet, so it get a bit less than the others.


My red poisons need at least 1 liter of water a day right now, and I think within the next couple weeks, I will probably have to bump that up to a liter and a half. I am going to have to spread out my nutrient feedings to every three or four days so I don't overfeed them.

Today was their first big feeding. For one gallon of water, which feeds all four of these plants, I mixed in 5 ml of Cal Mag, 5 ml of Grow Big, 5 ml of Buds and Bloom, 8 ml of Kelp Me Kelp You, and then 60 ml of Big Bloom. I will be removing the Grow Big and Kelp nutrients after this feeding and it will just be Bloom and Cal Mag from here on out.


One of my red poisons stretched a lot during the past week, and I have to bend the top down to try and slow it down a bit. I am always a bit nervous when bending down the main stalk because I don't want to snap it in half. It is healing nicely and should make a super fat cola.


This red poison is doing amazing. I can't wait to start seeing this thing full of different bud sites and see how they all fatten up.


This is the red poison that I mainlined a little over a week ago. As you can see it has spread out nicely. I am excited to see the buds on this one and compare it against the other red poisons that I did not cut the tops off.


The granddaddy purp is trucking along and will see some nice growth over the next week. I am really looking forward to being able to work with this plant before I transition it into its flowering cycle. I am still trying to decide if I am going to take clones from it and wait for them through their veg stage or if I am just going to grow this one GDP plant and see how the harvest is. I don't think I can wait as long as it would take for clones to mature because I really want to try this strain and I already have at least six months before I will be able to try it.

Overall, the plants are doing great. I am keeping the humidity at 50% in the tent. The cooler weather has been nice. I really hope that the cool weather helps to bring out the pink and purple colors of the red poison. They should start to fatten up and look awesome during this next week or two. I have a little less than 4 weeks left until they are going to be ready for harvest. Then my bubble gum should be a couple weeks after that, and then the GDP will have like 2 or 3 weeks until it is ready to start its 8-10 week flowering cycle. It will be weird to have a plant in flower longer than the whole lifecycle of the red poison.


Man.. awesome job with the Red poison mainline. this one is going to be a beast. i also hate the felling when i am trying to LST my plant, specially if its the main stem lol. But you look pretty carefully on it. i would have exploded them all already =/

lol. The trick I have found is that it is easiest a few hours after watering them. Then you pinch the stem to break up the fibers a bit and it makes it easier to bend over.

ill try this next time for sure

Beautiful plants 🪴 ❤️❤️

Damn that one Red Poison is going to be a beast! That gdp is going to be a teen before you know it

I am hoping the red poison lives up to the hype I have created in my mind for it. lol


They look very healthy!
Soon they will flower, @derangevisions!


Looks like you got a pretty green thumb bro! hahaha I just came across this article and thought that you might find it interesting.