Flower updates


Just a few more weeks


So I am guessing I have about 3 weeks left until the first of my quad grapes are ready for harvest. I have been thinking about what I am going to grow next and I will probably be ordering some more seeds from Seedsman. I was checking out their website and they have a ton of different strains. They also accept crypto as payment, which makes it convenient.


These buds on my plants are super frosty and more trichomes are popping up each day. I am leaving for Cabo in a couple days and will be gone for 5 days, so it will be cool to see how much these grow while I am gone.


One thing I am going to be doing with these plants is to stagger their harvests. I want to experiment with different trichome combinations. I really like the most recent bubblegum harvest that I got because it has a lot of amber trichomes, so I will be trying to get a mixture of plants with an abundance of amber and then some with more milky trichomes. That way I can see which ones I like most out of this upcoming harvest. All I know is that it is going to be awesome.


Those are looking good. I highly recommend the Bubba Kush from Seedsman.. mine is waist high and 3 feet across... and growing like a weed

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Right on! So awesome your going to Cabo. Wish I could go with you, as a third wheel perhaps? 😂😂 jk

lol fun talk

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Maybe next time. lol

Beautiful shots! I really want to get to a place that I can grow at least an auto flower in a small space.

!ENGAGE 4.20

Thanks man. I really like the autos for that reason. They stay pretty small

i wish i could too

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Those plants will never stop giving me the creeps. Worst of all, you dare to say they're awesome.

Are these the ones you said are used for "medicinal effects"? Or are they just decorative?

Rejoice, for @~~ has graced upon your existence worthy of their PITY. The token has no value. It only serves to remind @therealflaws that you have been given PITY. It has no use. It mirrors you. And your post too

You are just a wimp being scared of a plant. It's a !PITY you are such a baby

Command accepted!

Those plants are getting more and more powerful brother, I have certainly seen the change between them and the new leaves and a little bit of everything. You are going to fly if you get to try them. You are taking awesome pictures of your good planting.

Thanks homie. I appreciate it. Just a few more weeks until I get to test these out.

nice pics it seems that its growing well

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Thanks. Almost ready for harvest.

oh great

Awesome macros


Looking awesome.

never tried that strain. looking frosty as fuck.

nice pictures.

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