New babies plus a reminder..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm showing off a couple babies I made.. cannabis babies.. not the ones you gotta support for 18 years.. also if you haven't entered my contest from a few days ago you're missing out on the opportunity to get done free WEED.. everyone likes FREE.. I'm fixing to go throw some discs y'all have a great day..



Peace out y'all... Dave



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I'm going to say 15.5 grams.

15.5 grams. Good luck.

It was just a little bonus bowl time this morning!

Are you able to grow clones? That would be the ticket for you seeing as you smoke year round. Sell enough clones to people on the grid to buy batteries enough for some LEDs to keep em going?

I missed the contest and will have to go get my guess in.

If these clones take I'll throw them in the #fivegallonchallange

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