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What's up Weed Nerds! So sorry for putting this out a little late. I spent the weekend up in Yosemite, and had to put the curation highlights on hold. I did skip a week of awesome posts, but made sure to fit as many as I could from this past week. If I missed any posts, I do apologize, but promise to do my best to include everyone in the next posts.

So yesterday was such a great day! Mad love to everyone who showed up to Canna Fest. I cant thank you all enough. I know Discord is not like it used to be, but this chain is rocking! Which is the way it should be. A special shout out to @thelogicaldude for putting on such a cool set. There is no doubt in my mind that we wont do something like this again, and hopefully we can get the Dude to put on another set. If so, you do not want to miss it! But have no fear of FOMO, The Dude is making NFTs out of his set yesterday. So be on the lookout for that when it drops.


Canada Cannabis Review - Blue Lemon Thai & Purple Punch by Table Top



Here we have same legal cannabis from Canada. The new laws have there ups, and downs. One thing that I do like, is the testing. One thing I hate, is the government control. It is what it is. I am sure some love it, while other hate it. That is some great looking flower though!


Cannabis Strain Review - Cookie Dawg



Beat your heart out Leafly! Weedcash got those strain reviews, and here we got Cookies x Chem Dawg, AKA Cookie Dawg. Curious? Then hit that link above.


Tent Update: Seedlings, & Reveging Clones



@jonyoudyer starting his new crop. Hopefully he don't fuck it up like last time with low humidity! ;)


Bitverse Silver pack of NFTs unboxing Stoned reviewer


Love how Chubb incorporates his love of NFTs into the cannabis community. If you want to learn more about NFT's, or even get some free airdrops, be the first to check out his post, and claim the airdrop. Also check out some nice photos of our favorite plant, ;)


Big Mac f2 2021 grow update


We have a group grow going here on Weedcash! This was a big goal of mine when I created Steem Og. I honestly think there was never identical grows of it. People grew them out on there on time. With Big Mack F2, we have about 6-7 growing at the same cycle! Things should get interesting.


4x4 Grow Update #3 - Spiderfarmer & Mars Hydro LEDs


Let me take this moment to tip my hat to Skyline. He is passionate, and dedicated to growing this place, he is a very valuable member of the community, making videos on how to buy Hive, and H-E tokens for people outside of the chain, and then on top of that, he finds time to constantly post. Mad respect Sky! Here we have an update on his 4x4 tent, and using all organic inputs.


If I Had To Pick One...


Folks we have an OG back here blogging! Always great to see this. But what is even better to see, more fire on the chain!! Here Dajohns talks about one of his all time favorite strains. Spoiler alert: It aint Blue Dream, ;)


Cannabis Strain Review - Northern Lights


Now here is a very special post. A great review, but it is a review from a 3rd party, of a flower grown by fellow Weedcasher, @derangedvisions! Just a killer bud, and a job well done.


Cooking With Cannabis ~ The Classics


Now that New York has legalized cannabis, some people are felling more comfortable posting about it. Here we have an old school blogger, but fairly new to Weedcash showing us a cool recipe.


Let's talk about the price of the cannabis/weed


What is the price of herb in your area? An interesting look at cannabis from around the globe.


holy vague shit


Stop the presses! Loonatic has found the ancient artifact, known as the Ark of The Covenant. Beat your heart out Indy, ;)


An exquisite smoke


Andrea smoking her GG in style!


It's baaaaccckkk...


The Daily Highlight Reel is back! This time with more D!


New plants and shrooms popping up - Grow Log


Shrooms and weed, what else do I need to say for you to go check out this post? Mr. Visions is just killing it!


THE SEEDS OF DOOM PART 3: Two Challengers Have Entered The Arena!


The garden of mystery and intrigue. Nice to see fellow Weedcasher Christopher back in action with his outdoor crop!


Happy Frieday!!


Fellow @bifbeans member DankYoda showing off a sample of some Bif beans gear, BLCxPBB. FIRE!


Again and better , Znovu a líp


Womic wont let Mother Nature beat him. Round 2! I am sure he will come out as the winner..


Purple Urkle


Dajohns giving us the rundown on some profitable flower. Some have it, while others don't. I know bag appeal does really drive up prices.


420 Followers! Cannafest and Music NFTs Coming


Even though the event has passed, I advise you to check this out. NFTs are the craze right nowf, and The Dude has really made something very special!


Sour dough lessons, the end of tobacco & personal milestone achieved 🎉


One of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis, besides eating it, is vaporizing it. After quitting tobacco, Sam has found a great tool to help him stay grounded.


Purple punch


One of cowboys go to strains, Purple Punch. A picture is worth a thousand words.....


Delta-10 THC : What you need to know


Another cannabinoid! YEAP Cannabis is full of many medicines, not just THC, which is actually Delta 9. Ill let Daltono fill you in....


My money's on the Slurrycake F2 / Apuesto por la Slurrycake F2


Happy frog picked up some BifBeans gear, Slurrycake F2 bred by community breeder Bucky. I actually picked me some up as well, this photo period looks hot!


BMX test run


This is actually an unannounced tester that @jonyoudyer has made. Canabisius will be the second ever to test this back cross of Mac and Cheese, to Big Mack. Can not wait to see the results!





Back in the day, I would of said, "The #5gallonchallenge is picking up Steem!" But now what should I say to make it should cool and catchy? PHuck it, just go read this post!


Wishing Everyone the Happiest of Holidaze


Look at that happy couple spending the 420 day together. Now that is true love!


So happy today


Last but not least. Mr. Loona has shown me some love with Weedcash swag, and some seeds. I really hope he enjoys this gift, and also reps Canna in the Netherlands!


Some bad ass posts! Just think this is not even half from the past two weeks. Without you all this place would be a ghost town, trust me, I have seen it. We have our ups, and downs, but overall growth is steady. We do have some things planned for outside promotion. Once we get something up, we will make sure to give you all a rundown. Besides that, just keep on posting. As always do not forget the cannabis tag for your cannabis related content. For more visibility you can always use the canna-curate tag, even for non canna posts. Just please do not spam Weedcash with non canna related content. That is is all. Everyone have a great week, and see you in the comments!



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I ask something: right now I put some seeds to germinate with wet paper, do you know how long or days it takes?

Check on them every day

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I've seen 24 hours-6 days. I've read up to 13.

Excellent community we got going here..

Hell yeah!

This group is top 1 for me. Thanks for being you 💪

Glad to hear that!

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Thank you for the compilation, look forward to it each week. @canna-curate
Thank you for the feature.
Those Big Mac sprouts didn't make it @jonyoudyer. Sorry bro. Thanks for letting me give it a shot.

No worries man. At least we tried.

Thank you for the honour 🤗


I feel very comfortable in this community, thank you.

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Happy to hear, happy ;)

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