Grow update

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Good morning fellow weed nerds! I wanted to get on hive and give an update on my grow. We are in day 43 of flower. 🌼




I must say that I’m super excited. I did get some nutrient burn. It shows on the tip of the leaves they are slightly brown. Well at least that’s what I think it is.


I have about another 20 days or so in this grow left. I may let them run a little longer, I’m not sure,depends on how they are looking by then. I was having some trouble with controlling the humidity levels in the tent last week. Since then, I purchased a different humidifier, a pint size one. Thanks @canna-curate for the tip😁. My humidity levels are now constant at 60°.


I don’t have enough room in the tent for it because I have four pots going. However, I placed it on the outside and it seems to be working perfect! I’ll check back in a few days with another update!

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Right on! Since your in flower I would try to get to 50ish humidity.:)

Yea it goes between 50-60 .