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Hello and welcome to today's highlight reel. Another day with no work. Yeah. First things first.

I smoked the last of the weed on #themorningbowl earlier so first priority was a dispensary run.. I went to my local Trees dispensary and picked up a quarter..



Today's strain in called Black Jack.. a Indica testing in at 22% THC..



Of course I couldn't just run home and smoke... Alaska wanted to go play.. only two other dogs there today.. well plus one outside the fence..



Finally back at Emily's a little after 4pm I finally got my time to smoke..



Peace out y'all..Dave


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Atta boy Dave! ☺✌🏼🎶❤🌸

Peace to you too brother from the other side od earth
(North africa Tunisia)
Wish you to get back again a job or to yours and have a nice day .
The weed looks in a perfect premium quality.

wish i could shopping with ya!

Nice looking buds. I am a big fan of all Jack crosses. Up in Santa Cruz, they have this one cross called Cracker Jack. So good!

I don't like it. It's too heavy.

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