The War on Drugs is a War on Us - Disl Automatic (music video)

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"Legalization" doesn't end the war on drugs! More people are going to prison for cannabis than ever before, in Canada and other places it became "legal". More resources wasted, lives ruined, courts and prisons clogged with peaceful people.

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That's why this message is so important right now! In Canada, hundreds of dispensaries are being raided and shut, to make way for a legal monopoly of government insiders. The free market (and culture) of cannabis is being violently replaced by an arm of the ever-expanding state. The war on drugs is getting even worse.

This music video

A fellow revolutionary and good friend of mine has some INCREDIBLE skills on the microphone, a very conscious and passionate man with an undeniable proficiency for rapping and music. Just before April 20th 2015, I heard he was getting ready to release an absolute banger of a track, to take aim at cannabis prohibition. I was due to be part of a massive protest at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The morning of release, I heard the track before heading out the door - absolute fire! With the beat in my head, I made my way downtown, and started getting footage for a video. With Disl's blessing, that night I edited my footage together with his audio, and released this music video!

It has since been shadowbanned on YouTube for "encouraging drug use", and parts of the audio have been muted because the algorithms detected Peter Tong's "Legalize It" playing in the background. Disl Automatic's music is used with full permission. His lyric video is here. BIG thanks to my brother as always - nothing but love and respect! Get the downloads at! New FREE mixtape Revolution drops soon.

Thank you to 3Speak for providing somewhere to upload music that questions the mainstream narrative!


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Great post - upvoted and also resteemed.
End cannabis prohibition, in all forms, everywhere! It's a safe plant, let responsible adults medicate as they please!

My kinda music and my kinda festival..... VERY green : )))
upvoted ++

This is fucking sick bro! I love that McCrhonicals sign, lol

Thanks bud, I'm sure you would love it. The vibe at these events is intense, with up to 100k stoners in one spot lighting up. Hard to describe it and the video clips only give a general idea. Come to BC during April sometime and we'll check it out!

That was an amazing song put out by DISL and so was your music video, @Drutter of 4/20 in Vancouver that year. DISL's new track dropping on the same day was perfect! What a fun day!!!

Thanks DISL for the dope track and @Drutter for pounding th pavement at 4/20 in Vancouver, Canada to get footage to put to a music video. Ah, one of the last 4/20s at the art Gallery, you and @MediKatie must have had a blast. Good times :)

As long as the government and their business cronies are more interested in the $$$$ we will see shit like this. I can home brew alcohol (which KILLS) and even raise tobacco (which KILLS) but heaven forbid weed. Of course if the government can control/tax/regulate it then it would be ok.

Awesome video

Yeah! Intense track.
Good to see the video up on 3Speak! More permanent than DTube, and not censored like YouTube!

That's cool they have mushrooms at these events. I would love to attend one day.

Killer work.