Cannabis Cures Breast Cancer!

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Breast cancers are one of the most prevalent and deadly types, difficult to treat with chemo/radiation, but cannabis can CURE it! DRutter and MediKatie investigate, with this 10 minute video to break down the science, showing you exactly how cannabinoids safely destroy tumor cells to save lives.

October is breast cancer month, and the pink ribbons are everywhere. But do the groups we trust with our donations REALLY conduct research in an effort to find cures and treatments for this brutal disease?

The video was originally episode 4 of our "Power to the Patients" series (, on YouTube. It has been heavily censored, and my channel was shadowbanned by YouTube as a result. In 2019, YouTube announced that any video promoting the use of plant remedies to heal major illnesses would be removed, or placed behind 18+ age barriers to prevent children from seeing it. We also uploaded to DTube and other platforms that have since stopped working, so we're pleased to put it on 3Speak where it will permanently provide people with information they need to save their life, which they can't find in the mainstream.

Please remember that an active lifestyle, positive mindset, organic non-GMO food, proper hydration, stress reduction, and other lifestyle choices are just as important in fighting cancer as cannabis or any other medicine. "This is part of a balanced, nutritious breakfast."

Links mentioned, and other info:

Dr Cristina Sanchez PhD cannabinoids as cancer medicine:

The Endocannabinoid System and How THC CURES Cancer:

Rick Simpson's "Run From the Cure":

The 1970s study Nixon ordered, then classified once it showed cannabis CURES rather than CAUSES cancer:

Caffarel 2006:

Caffarel 2010:

Ligresti 2006:

McAllister 2010:

McAllister 2007:

Shrivastava 2011:

2017 links added:

Excellent new studies added 2019:

And finally, episode 8 of this series, "Cannabis CURES Cancer" - the fully updated 2019 edition with 250 studies:

This information has already saved lives. If you share it, you'll help save even more!


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Nice job! It feels good to get that updated, but man it was hard, Steemit was being a little bitch lol

Bigtime! The posting/editing feature is totally messed up lately. But nobody needs that around here anyway, just a few stupid content-creators...

Since I can't edit my post (without probably losing a lot of work) I'll link to your post on this topic, here. I hope people check it out and learn how gold can help cannabis destroy cancer :)

Excellent post, @DRutter and @MediKatie!
When's PttP episode 9 coming out?

I couldn't NOT resteem this one for my hemptastic followers!

Power to the patients!!

Fuck the Cancer Societies that don't do real research, and lie about the cannabis research that HAS been done!

Great thumbnail! ;)
It's really disturbing that YouTube SPECIFICALLY bans videos about treating illness with plants. It's scary how specific, almost personal, that feels.

This is our favourite Power to the Patients video, our favourite Cannabis Cures Cancer video, and probably just our all-time favourite @Drutter and @MediKatie collaboration!