Edibles: Cannabis versus Caffeine!

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Trick or Treat! The mainstream tries to scare the public into believing cannabis-infused foods & drinks are dangerous - and in need of strict draconian regulations. But are the warnings (and police enforcement) warranted? Let's compare cannabis to another drug commonly added to food and drink: Caffeine!

Originally aired October 2015, but YouTube has heavily censored and shadowbanned this content. 'Plant treatments for serious illnesses' is a topic now completely prohibited from their platform, so the entire Power to the Patients series has been made almost impossible to find or view. Thanks 3Speak and Steem for this censorship-resistant platform to spread awareness of cannabis truth, combating the lies and propaganda from the government and mainstream media!

This video is not legal or medical advice. We all must do our own research and take responsibility for our decisions.

Cannabis legalization is a lie! End cannabis prohibition!


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Damnit, what I'd give for either caffeine or cannabis right now!

YouTube is digging its own hole in the ground.

SHAME on YouTube for hiding life-saving content like cannabis for medicinal uses! There's absolutely no excuse for that and history will judge them incredibly harshly.

It's almost as though the plan is to make YouTube so shitty, while simultaneously destroying or buying out any competition that pops up, that users don't complain much when it's phased out and replaced with something else (far more sinister). Remember MSN? It got upgraded, bug-fixed, and revised until it was almost pointless to use, and then Skype came out with their 1000 page user agreement (where you had to agree to give them ownership of your hard drive) to take over.

I actually liked the MSN groups and communities way back when... how naive I was.

We all were, my friend.
Remember some of the earliest google searches you did? Google does!
At the time, we had no idea EVERYTHING was being recorded in complete detail for all time. I've always been paranoid (skeptical, questioning, curious are better words).... and even I didn't fear the internet adequately at first. I saw its potential sooner than most, but it took me until a few years ago before I really saw where it was all heading.
I'm sure there are MSN video chats of me without my pants on, sitting in a bank of hard drives somewhere, perhaps a datacenter in Utah, waiting. Just waiting.
Oh well! Onward we go, right? LOL

Utah datacenter will be an unfortunate place to work when people start to wake up en masse. ^_^

something like half the population uses caffeine regularly.....
cannabis probably isnt too far behind lol

Thanks for the links.
@DRutter, will you upload the whole series to 3Speak, or just the best parts?
I've upvoted and resteemed this one!!