#themorningbowl learns the B word

in themorningbowl •  8 months ago 

Morning y'all.. the start of a new week.. the start of a new strain.. and a collection of bitches.. head bitch.. brown bitch.. and fat bitch.. stick around to the end and get the bird on..


Smokin da bitches..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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Alright birds and bitches on this mornings morning bowl HA HA. Hope you've been having a good day Dave. I know I'm a little late but I had to get up early and run errands and just made it home.

That is a beautiful piece my dude.

Funny how the location of the morning bowl changes so often. I am usually sitting on my same morning chair watching the bowl every day. Today, I am in the office of a brewery fixing their shit and will have a fresh craft lunch beer do ya.

Have a good day with the Bs

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