Some daily advice from #themorningbowl

in themorningbowl •  7 months ago 

Good morning y'all.. welcome to the show.. another unedited unrehearsed 2 minute glimpse into my morning where I'll be smoking and dispensing life advice.. let's do this...


Chronic n Coffee..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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That's some good shitty spiritual advice there Dave. A half a point is barely a win but its still a win. I wonder what teams are playing this week. Hope you have a good day.

Perfect advice. Fuckin be kind.

I will get you the 5 steem those fudge packers cost me on the weekend when I get back to the computer.

A happy Double D to start the week is a good omen!

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No worries. I'm donating them anyway.. Edgar says thanks 🤣

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