Happy forking Tuesday on #themorningbowl

in themorningbowl •  9 months ago 

So today is HF21.. really it's just another day.. but I do have a special guest with me today.. y'all know him.. he just ain't been around in a while.. he made a appearance tho cause he wanted to get forked on..


With a special guest..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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The morning bowl is unstoppable. Fork or no fork.

I wanna see a two-fer....the Trout and Gandalf in one bowl.

Don't fork yourself today double D.

Not just a forking, a Hard forking :) HF21 sounds like a flu strain lol.

Gandalf! What a forking fork! 😂 Wishing you a great day too man!

What the fork Dave? Fork this forking bullshit! Don't let it stop you from having a great forking day. Fork me man now I need to get me some coffee HA HA.

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