3speak issue I think..

in #themorningbowl10 days ago

Apparently there's a issue with 3speak... #themorningbowl has been uploaded and is visible on 3Speak... try this link..



I've always had issues with it even though I'd like to use it.

This is really my first issue..

Yeah I am not seeing my video anywhere either. It's like they are posting to Hive or something.

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Morning Morning Morning!

I'm on the gummies edibles today!


60 mg?

Only 10mg.. but I had 2! :)

gummy 2.jpg

Lmfao at I had 2.. that's 20mg.. this is how we roll in Colorado..


Edibles get all over me! I'm only WEE!

Actually one of those kicks my ass

The video is working fine

looks good man!

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