The #SupportHonesty Challenge

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Greetings Steemian's,

This is my entry for the support honesty challenge. I was nominated by @jonyoudyer here for this challenge.

Photography by @akiroq, Pixabay

Over the course of my life, I've been ostracized and shunned by many, for "keeping shit real", as I like say. I'll discuss my philosophy behind honesty, and tie it into why I feel it's just as important in our blockchain space.

What is a lie?

A form of manipulative deception of course. Let's have a look at what the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a lie as:


The general societal structure worldwide operates on a competition based economic structure, wherein human beings must "think" of ways to "gain" resources, and the ones who are most successful at obtaining high quantities of resources are more often than not, very dishonest in their ways of obtaining resources.

In my mind, it's safe to assume, that the higher you climb economically, the more pressing the competition will be, and morality will become less of a constant in this competition.

As someone who's been homeless, I will tell you my living experience:

The poor are more apt to help the poor, than a rich human in passing.

That's not to say it doesn't happen, but it's rare in the real life experience of what I have observed with my own eyes.

So why is this?

I can only assume, it's a misalignment of collective morality, influenced by a broken system designed by sociopathic/psychopathic manipulative greed, to keep humanity enslaved.


Yes, it's an ugly thought, and I damn sure hope it exacts some uncomfortable feelings to the reader, because these are the things humans should not only be thinking about, but also taking collective action to fix.

The change needed for humanity will not happen if only 1% of humanity wants to see positive change. It must be collective, and it must be swift. I truly hope the veil of deception will be lifted from the eyes of humanity, sooner, rather than later.


Do you know why dust votes exist on the Steem blockchain?

It's a protection against dishonest behavior, specifically mass account creation with the intent to vote farm, and it's something that most of us don't really like.

I find it very sad that protections such as dust vote threshold and flagging even need to be a thing in this space. Plagiarism, theft of photos, theft of someone else's work, without any attribution whatsoever, for the purpose of gain are a rampant virus of this space, and not just this space, but the entire internet.

A virus is a good analogy imo, because that is what it is to me. When a system is effective at stripping the masses of morality, and humans seem to lose sight of the implications of what lies do to not only others, but themselves, justifications and downplays like "white lies" and "I didn't mean anything by it" become normal autonomous responses for this behavior, and it's very obvious to me that a disconnect happens at the conscious level. A disconnect from the moral implications and personal responsibility of being honest to thy fellow human, and thyself.

Tribes on Steem

With the emergence of tribes on Steem, there has been an effort to combat dishonest behavior with the use of flags for misuse of tags.

I have decided to join these efforts in the #weedcash community with my dedicated posting/curating alt @imaginary-friend.

Currently, I have 2.18 percent distribution influence over the sharepool, and to me, this means I have a responsibility to protect what I believe in.

Proper tag use is a simple concept, especially on

The tribe is relatively small still, and we know who is really dedicated to the community, who is skirting the edges of deceptive posting, and who is flat out abusing.

We discuss questionable posts in our discord, and take swift action when a user is abusing the tag.

I'll state that I really do not like flagging, not a single bit, but.. It is unavoidable that people are going to try to game our space, and we're just not standing for it. Flags are what we have to combat this, and flags are what we are using.

This completes my thoughts/perspective on honesty. I really hope I left the reader something to think about. If my perspective on honesty bothered you in any way, I simply challenge you to ask yourself why it bothered you.

My vow is to:

"Live my life in accordance to altruism, love, compassion, and empathy for my follow humans, during this journey we call life, and beyond.."

To join the challenge:

  • Develop your own post about supporting honesty or fighting abuse on the Steem blockchain. Your post should be as detailed as you want it to be.

  • Make your own challenge promise statement and banner

  • Tag the post with #supporthonesty

  • Nominate 7 people to attempt the challenge

The lucky 7 who I've decided to nominate are:

@akiroq, @libertarianarts, @evernoticethat, @wholeself-in, @carrieallen, @meno, @daltono

These nominations were somewhat random, but are all humans I have seen good things from and maintain a high level of respect for. There is no obligation to take part in this if you do not wish to, and if you were previously nominated before this nomination, then that just means you are awesome.

Much love,

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I’m swamped with projects, but I really do appreciate the nomination. very kind of you.

No problem brother, totally understand. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! :)

Keep up the great work bro.

Anytime. You do the same 🙌

Great response man. I agree with you, flagging sucks, and tbh when i committed to helping Richard with tag abuse, I did not realize I would have such a hard time. but you know at first lots of Korean bloggers where the ones spamming up the tag, and they where really respectful and understanding. Some people can really get bent out of shape thought, and start calling you a nazi, smh. Oh well I want weedcash to succeed, and I you have shown me that you do just as much as me . Thanks brother.

Weed and Nazi just don't sound right in the same sentence 😅

I like the idea of discussing it in the discord as a team before deciding to "pull the trigger." This removes some of the associated stress because of the fact that the top stake holders are collectively /objectively making a decision, and minimizes the potential for mistakes to be made.

I love the weecash community, and I think everyone is doing a great job with their content, as well as keeping things on topic.

There will always be gamers, but if we are vigilant in keeping the environment clean, I do believe it will become less of a problem, because the spammers will already know their posts are going to get nuked.

Thanks again for the nomination and taking the time to read and comment bro!

Sounds like a plan man.

Hey this was a really great #supporthonesty challenge! @jonyoudyer nominated me last week so I did a post under @hotsauceislethal :P

Thank you for the kind words man. You did a nice job on yours as well. We share a like-minded perspective on abuse and the general atmosphere of the economic system on Steem. In terms of misplaced rewards and sharepool rape, yeah it's rampant, and if one actually does some digging, it gets worse lol.

The human condition is a conundrum to me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hallo @futuremind, how are you doing? I haven't seen your post for a long time. I think you must be busy. I agree with you about honesty in the blockchain system. In all life honesty is the main thing. I really appreciate you who really uphold the value of honesty in the blockchain system. Have a nice day, sir .

Hi @elianaelisma,

Yes, I have been busy lately with some new projects and life things, but I still try to post when I have the time to.
Thank you for commenting and sharing your perspective on honesty as well.
Have a great day miss. :)

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