What Are The Top Weed Strains in Canada?

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Interested in some of the best weed North America has to offer? Well finding out what are the top weed strains in Canada isn�t so easy � there are so many to choose from. Choosing the perfect strain will depend on what you like.

Maybe you like a nice uplifting Sativa or a mind-numbing Indica, or maybe you like both for different occasions. Whatever the case, what are the top weed strains in Canada are going to be discussed so that you can make the most informed decision then next time you go weed shopping.

The Top Weed Strains in Canada

Finding out what are the top weed strains in Canada starts with three categories: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. These three categories feature different strains that are the most popular, including some of North America’s most famous strains.


  • Blueberry

Blueberry is a strain known across North America for its aromatic flavor profile and strong Indica effects. This is an ex Cannabis Cup winning strain and it wasn’t by chance. This strain is strong, tasty, and the perfect thing to use after a long day.

Blueberry helps people feel relaxed, happy, and sleepy – what more could you ask for from an Indica. Medicinally, Blueberry is used to combat stress, pain, and insomnia, but it’s going to give you a serious case of dry mouth while doing that.

  • Bubba Kush

One of the few kush strains making the what are the top weed strains in Canada list is Bubba Kush. Bubba Kush is one of the most famous kush strains that originated from legendary OG Kush parents. The exact composition is unknown, but this is an indica dominant strain that hits hard.

You can expect a strong earthy and woody flavor profile. Bubba Kush is a great indica strain to use in the evenings, with relaxation and sleepiness being the two most prominent effects. This strain should be used with caution during the day because it leaves you with a strong couch-lock effect.

  • Rock Star

This strain’s name says it all – it’s amazing. Rock star is a strong indica strain that has both cerebral and bodily effects. After enjoying Rock Star you’re going to feel very relaxed and happy. The strain is derived from Rockbud and Sensi Star genetics and has a spicy-earthy flavor combination. Expect some serious dry eyes, dry mouth, and be careful not to overdo

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