Canna Curate has a Store Now Too!

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So I couldn't leave out the @canna-curate community! So now there is that links and redirects you to the merchandise page on my store,

All items are print on demand so they may take a week or more to process and ship. Due to the pandemic, the times have been a bit longer in some cases.

Now you can also pay with several cryptocurrencies including HIVE and HBD, along with BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, USDC, DAI, and XMR.

Go check it out and support your favorite cannabis community!


Again, you can also check out The Weedcash Store as well by going here Same kind of redirect situation.

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Nice job of the store. Sharing this over in @naturalmedicine to make sure all our new peeps know they can buy cool stuff with their Hive and tokens.


Awesome store.. I'll order some stickers in a bit.. why aren't you accepting WEED?

Definitely start accepting WEED in this store... it's logical, dude!

I am using Wordpress plugins and there isn’t one for weed. Someone just forked the one for Steem over to work with Hive so I am using that payment plugin. Maybe one day, but I am not a programmer so I wouldn’t know where to begin. I am happy with Hive and HBD at the moment. I am trying to find a way to do a custom order kind of thing through the site, but one thing at a time, lol.

WEED is backed by HIVE on hive-engine.. so I would think it shouldn't be to hard

Again... not really a programmer. With Wordpress I put already built puzzle pieces together, haha. If someone wants to try and tackle that job, I will be happy to use it on the site. I have too many other things I am trying to focus on right now. allows you to use Weed, Beer or other Hive Engine tokins to sell/buy with. AND looks like you will be able to "mine” these tokens if you own a Brewery or Weed Farm!

How cool is that!

Also I'm not a programmer but I do have a dCity


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That’s cool, I haven’t been able to play dcity yet. Not exactly the same thing. I am selling physical goods.

Nope not exactly but check-out this by @aggroed
Hive-Engine tokens in Ecommerce (wordpress): pay with tribe coins!!

@roomservice went ahead and did a migration project to get the woocommerce site plugin that works for Steem to be functional for Hive.

With the plugin you're able to accept not only HIVE and HBD as a merchant you can pick and choose various Hive Engine tokens as well.

yeah, it is not finished yet. I just reinstalled the plugin and no tribe tokens yet. As soon as this functionality is available, oh believe me it will be activated to accept LIST, WEED, LEO, PAL, and BEE to start for sure! Aggroed just told me it is a teaser post.

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Cool :) I don't need any of those items, but I think it's great that more stuff is becoming available to crypto holders! Sweeeeeeet, it's happening!
I just hope there are always options to buy/sell/trade in the coming marketplace, even for people without smart devices or bank accounts (like me). Crypto is about privacy and decentralization, so it's great when we can actually USE crypto that way.
The canna face mask is funny hehe. Imagine trying to smoke with one of those on, that's confusing ; D

You and medikatie still need to get a hold of me to claim your stickers you won.

Thanks! I will fire up the Discord and message you soon. : ))