Powered Up 420 Steem - Bhut Jolokia Update

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Greetings Steemians,

Yesterday I had a little NEWSTEEM Spaz Out, but my bi-polarity expressive way of being is back to what I would consider normal. I'm sure this still doesn't fit any semblance of the official narrative of what normality is, but all in all, doing pretty good here.

Thank you to all of these fine Steemians for stopping by and offering me some words of encouragement:


You all helped pull me out of the dredges of future insanity. I really appreciate the kind words, and I hope you don't mind the tags. If so, let futuremind know, and I'll happily update the blockchain to give the illusion of being erased.


I want to talk about a couple of things in this post. First, I powered up 420 Steem.

Woot! Steemworld

And I've also been excited about #weedcash. My @imaginary-friend won't leave me be over the fact that https://www.weedcash.network is amazing, and has massive potential for future growth..
She told me to ask you guys and gals what you think of it, and I suspect she wants to give out some weedcash votes. So what do you think of weedcash? :)

Ok, moving along. This amazing Bhut Jolokia plant gave me quite the scare a couple of days back, and reminded me that life is not perfect. It appeared as though it was dying, and I was ready to urgently harvest. My intuition said


I mean, it literally said something like that.. So, that is what I did. I just chilled out, and let the plant continue on. To the best of my observational abilities, I can say confidently that it has sprung back to life, and is still producing. Awesome, everyday I look at it and am reminded of the fact that I might need to call an ambulance after the ghost pepper challenge. But that is fine, I like living on the edge sometimes, and the things I've survived have made me very much unafraid of things such as a pepper. (That is not to say I do not respect the power of this pepper, I'm just gonna eat it and have faith that I'll be fine.)

You can see some damage that occurred during the plants rough moment. (I think it was too much rain water, don't know for sure.)

If anyone knows what caused that, feel free to let me know.

Otherwise, this plant is doing very well, but for some small damages to a few peppers.


I've started moving the plant inside at night, due to the low temperatures with season change on the way. Day time is still sunny and warm, so I move it back out in the morning.



Photography with Samsung WB100

That's it for now Steemians! Thank you for stopping by. Don't forget to tell @imaginary-friend what you love about weedcash! ;)

Much love,


That plant looks very healthy, nice rebound! Gladto see your funk spell is coming to an end, im about out of mine, it cones and goes lol

Futuremind just needs to smoke some weed, that's all.. 😂

Nice to hear you're coming out of yours as well. We got this!

Glad to see the plant is recovering. That was quite the scare! I am sure this warm-climate plant appreciates you taking it inside at night with the dropping temperatures. It is looking great again! Congrats on your power-up. <3

Thank you Akiroq!

You were the one who gave me the idea to bring it inside at night! I didn't forget! <3

It certainly recovered quickly. I'm so excited and proud of this plant. It has beaten the odds in my opinion, and pulled through with very unlikely conditions. I'm surprised how big it grew in a coffee container lol.

Happy to help stave off any bouts of insanity my friend..

I'm into the weedcash tribe as well and basically only run with them and naturalmedicine.. Also my only two meager delegations go to them. I also see a huge potential in those communities and most importantly their intentions align with mine.

As far as peppers go my expertise is in other plant vareitals sp? though I would say make sure it's at least as dark inside as it was outside and try to match the photoperiod as well. Prob not a big deal and I imagine even at night on your balcony in an urban area the plant got some security lights etc..

I know here the fruit trees are pretty sporadic having nighttime high pressure sodium lights blast on them. Never getting night is not good for fruiting plants especially..

I wish I could post more cannabis stuff but after decades in the industry I'm a, bit ptsd

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I remember reading about what happened, and indeed, some PTSD inducing shit to have guns in your face out of nowhere. (I've experienced guns in the face as well, a couple of times, pretty unsettling to say the least.)

I definitely see potential for the weedcash tribe, due to the fact that I think we are going to see more and more progress with legalization. Those politicians just need to fill in all the legislation gaps so that corporate enterprise can dominate the market. I imagine there will always be some stringent laws on growing though. Politicians wouldn't have it any other way, we wouldn't want to threaten their corporate dominance now would we? Cringe worthy if you ask me.

There is a little light pollution outside here, but not too bad, because my apartment is not super close to the street lights, and there are trees surrounding the house, which block some of it out.

Inside at night now , I keep it in full dark, with an oscillating fan (not directly hitting it, but moving it slightly), and I just know it's feeling good! :)

Thank you for your insight bro. My guess is they are getting close to ripe, I really don't know, but I feel like they must be getting close lol.

We’ve got an amazing community here on weedcash/steem. I’m happy to hear you were pulled back from the brink. Thank goodness for friendship. Your pepper looks great. So it’s a super hot one then?

Thank you @choosefreedom!

When I take a break from smoking cannabis, it shows.. lol

I could never leave my Steem friends. If the ship goes down, I go with it. I just have my moments. People literally show up on those posts sometimes and say things like:


Yeah, it's a hot one alright. It's on the Top Ten List for worlds hottest peppers, and it was the pepper that popularized the "challenges". Of course I'm crazy enough to do it, and that is why I have been trying to get one of these plants for a couple of years now :)

I'm just happy my green thumb has prevailed, because I wasn't thinking the odds were in favor of it producing nice peppers (due to this not being a native plant to the region, and me not having the best conditions for it) but I just kept loving it and singing to it and look at it go!

Yeah, the community is amazing, we're going places! Thank you for your kind words and support @choosefreedom!

Haha Im happy to be able to help! :)

Weedcash looks interesting. Sadly, in germany everything which got in contact with weed is prohibited.. ^^

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Cannabis is still illegal for recreational consumption in the state I'm currently in , in the United States (New York), but it's legal for medicinal and has been decriminalized to a ticket offense for possession under an ounce.

Ticket offenses are not enough to keep me from speaking what I feel to be the truth about cannabis, and I'm happy to post pictures of it with my face puffing away. Cannabis saved my life the way I see it. I was addicted to alcohol and cocaine for 10 years, and rehabs (with their revolving door principles) didn't seem to be helping me get clean and stay clean. I deconstructed everything that was taught to me and started smoking cannabis regularly. Today I've been off the hard stuff for two years. There are countless stories of it helping people in so many ways, even the non-psychoactive CBD. It's a miracle herb! And the stigma produced by the politicians with refer madness propaganda still remains in the minds of many today, as an effective manipulation and boldface lie. Pretty astounding, and we are still complying with governance, with the same types, who don't see an issue with things like alcohol being legal, yet a plant which heals is still under scrutiny.

Can always blog anon style about these things too to get the word out. We need all countries on board!

The way I see it, we have to be brave if we want change (within reason), what could be a ticket offense here, could be incarceration or worse in many other places. Some people are willing to put their life in danger to get the word out, and it isn't up to me to say that is right or wrong. There is little anyone who is incarcerated or dead can do for the movement, so due diligence with local laws, and measuring risk in accordance to moral compass is necessary.

Thanks again @luegenbaron, you are appreciated!

Yes. Ure so right.

Im a Cannabis Patient cuz of my chronic pain and nothing else helps.
But I have no doctor atm, hard to find one at all and then a good one and now lost my driving license..


Being able to work will take even longer. Also how shall I pay all this shit to get my license back to get to work?

Im 21 and I feel like I was shit onto this planet.
And everything that helps me isnt allowed.. Or I have to do it some other way..

I have pain and no energy and really dont know how to get started in this fucking life.

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There aren't any easy answers to these things when you find yourself in a position like this man. If you have family/friends that can help, seek their help is my advice. Today families need to stick together, unfortunately everyone is polarized. It seems to me this is by design.

When I was your age, I had financial stability and 3 vehicles. A year later I was under a bridge in sub zero temperatures clutching a bottle. This went on for years, because I could not figure out how to make progress in this system, short of working extremely strenuous jobs which were mindless labor. Today I am still without a license, and dependent on assistance programs. It's pretty daunting, but it's much better than where I was before.

I mention this, because something I had to learn as a means of coping during hard times, is gratitude for the things I have which provide sustenance, comfort, shelter, ect. The most basic things. Even if you only have a shirt on your back. It is something to be grateful for.

I used to listen to psychologists say this to me, in their cozy little chairs and hundred dollar penny loafers, and would ask them questions like "Yeah buddy, how many miles do you get to the gallon in your Prius, and when was the last time you put a fresh coat on your white picket fence."

It sounds like a bunch of bullshit when you are in pain, and things feel like they can't get any worse. They can always get worse. And even being homeless was not the worst place I have ever been.

There is something to this jargon from the shrinks, even if they don't even realize/understand the text book shit they are repeating like a good sheep.

Mental prisons, we tend to create for ourselves, and it holds us back. I recommend thinking about , maybe writing down a gratitude list for yourself, making a dream journal, as well as a goal list. With each goal, think about what you can do to obtain the goal, and forget about the rest of the list while you are set on a specific task. Living mindfully in the moment, and being grateful for the successes of each completed goal, definitely makes things a little easier along the way.

For the pain, keep with the cannabis, maybe some CBD, however you can get it, because it sounds like you definitely need it right now.

I wish you the best, and I think you are going to be ok. Negativity seeps into us all sometimes, (as you've seen with me) but life doesn't exactly give us the option of giving up. You got this man, I know you do. Stay strong!

Doesnt sound like bs at all!
I've also already learned that it can always come worse!
Pain, no permission to drive my car or my oldtimer enduro, my family is destroying itself.. (or my mum is destroying herself and everyone around her.. :( )

I did a dream journal a few weeks ago, when I had nothing to smoke against my pain and also had just waaay to fucked up dreams (I dream lucid since half my life)
but dont dream anymore.. cuz weed

CBD helped a lot when I had no THC. But it's also waaay to much stress and pressure on my psyche, I need a bit of THC.

I've always just looked through these illusions, but I'm working REALLY hard to bring em to other's understanding. I'm not the best in expressing myself. And also not in explaining people who have no clue about philosophy or ANYTHING how they're fucked with.
Also I can't really break out cuz we have these systems. And people have these damn thinking like "we did it always like that, you have to, too!"

I hate having to justify myself.

I'm a free human. A free human. But they don't even know what that means.
my mom tells me, she will always stand above me..

For me, life is a learning process.

But I kinda need even more people who are also learning. Who can forgive (cuz learning is also making mistakes) and who just wanna enjoy..

Humanity is sick.

Thanks for ur time.

Hello @futuremind, how are you doing? Thank you for the post that marked me. I enjoy photos of your cayenne, buddy. Looks like you can harvest now. You have made this cayenne plant look very beautiful and artsy by putting it in the house, sir. You can get two benefits, namely plants that have artistic value and the fruit can be consumed. maybe another time I want to see you cook using cayenne pepper as a seasoning. Have a nice day, sir.

I'm doing well @elianaelisma,

I hope you are also doing well. You are welcome for the post that marked you. Thank you for taking the time to say nice things on my blog.

I was not sure if the peppers were ready, because I thought they are supposed to turn red and orange, but I have seen photos of the peppers staying green as well.

I have a feeling the big ones are very hot. I am going to eat them whole.

I will also use some for cooking and make posts about it.

Thank you friend, have a great day.

Glad that both you and your pepper are doing better today! 😉❤️

Thank you Melinda!

I'm not sure how I'll be feeling when I eat one of these things whole 😂 Coming soon..

I hope you're having a wonderful day ❤️

That seems like a silly thing to do! Good luck!

Hi, @futuremind!

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