Gold Foil Sea Monster

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Hey fellow Steemians! Here's a quick review on my current favorite monster of the Splinterlands.
A powerful self-healing tank for the water splinter, the Sea Monster can withstand and soak up a lot of damage from the oncoming onslaught while your magic wielding creatures sap the life from your opponent.
While the card is already a beast at a lower level; it really gets fun at the higher levels. Thats why the base gold foil card, which starts at lvl 4 is probably one of the best cards you can find in the game and surprisingly one of the cheapest.
There are currently only 1,557 of the gold foil cards in circulation and they're selling at $0.90!!

Sea Monster lvl 5
Splinter: Water
Edition: Reward
Type: Monster
Rarity: Common, Gold Foil

I love pairing this card with the Dragon summoner Daria Dragonscale who gives +1 damage, making this card a destructive force quickly eviscerating through your opponents. You will need a higher level summoner in order to use the higher level monster but luckily this summoner card sells for around $0.45 and like the Sea Monster it's also a reward card.

What makes this card great (at higher levels) is both the high base attack damage paired with the fast speed as well as the high health with the self-heal ability healing 3 health at the start of each round. This card can keep your front row strong, giving your magic and ranged monsters plenty of time to pick the opponents team apart.

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Thanks dude I was unaware, changed it

No worries man. Nice gold foil Sea Monster btw, that's one of my favorite cards in the deck, and also my favorite splinter :)
It's definitely undervalued on the market imo.