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The Digital Asset and STO Symposium held on the 29th of August was very informitive and big on regulations. The Jamaica Stock Exchange choose a company out of Canada to partner with regarding offering a digital trading platform for digital assets and STO'S. There name is BlockStation. On their website the tagline is (INSTITUTION'S CHOICE FOR TRADING DIGITAL ASSETS).

Topics of BlockStation Presentation : hacking, double spend, regulators, data security, custodial, clearing, settlement, broker/bank, acredited investors, cost of their service, roll back of the chain and burning of token. Rollback of the chain was the one that jumped out at me because I heard CZ of Binance mentioned it a few weeks ago and many people were not happy hearing that including me...

Their claim to fame is that they have studied all aspect of the traditional trading system and came up with digital and offchain solutions. They also said they are the only company in the World at this time that have these solutions...

These are now been tested in the form of a pilot project at the Jamaica Stock Exchange for more than six months on going. They are hoping to go live before the end of this year.

@donald.porter and myself @miyard got a chance to give our brochure and business cards to some of the participants that were there. We also were able to talk to the presenters at length after the official end of their presentations.

One told me he like our project but dont like our blockchain and he tried to punch holes in it but I think we represent our blockchain well. However by the end of our talk he offered to help and express how impressed he was that we got @reggaesteem live and running. In the coming week admin will discuss the offers.


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Canada represent! On a more serious note, glad you guys are sticking up for yourselves, people notice that. One problem with blockchains is not a lot of people really know what it's about and they think people who know slightly more than they do are experts. A lot of these banks and regulators are gonna realize how stupid they are in a few years from now. At least the made common ground and recognized your efforts.

Multiple blockchains can and will exist. I'm not happy about the convergent linear reward curve in hf21, but I think Steem is still one of the best blockchains out there. Go #Jahm

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Interesting to see how progressive Jamaica is; well done for holding your own over the Steem blockchain - great turnaround!

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@miyard, Reflects as this session and event was wonderful and let's hope that the results will be wonderful too.

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