VIP List 9/13/2019

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Here is the exclusive VIP list. If you wanna get on the list you know what to do!



Token holders with 100 or more CANNA tokens will be on the list and receive their daily reward in the form of a MAX up-vote!

Canna-Curate VIP Delegators:

Delegators who delegate 1000 SP or more to @Canna-Curate will get on the list and receive a hefty daily up-vote from our VIP services.

Account Stats:

Effective Power 36,507.77 SP
Vote Amount $ 0.41
Reputation 51.743
Followers 18 | 7 following


Remember that followers of the @Canna-Curate curation trail will receive a small up-vote as well so if you cannot afford to become a VIP you can still benefit :)


Great looking list!

Its a good bunch we got here. We are few but fierce haha

time to buy some more tokens i think

Dang dude, you're trying to keep that lead I see :)

Way to go on your posts man- you have some of the best ones out there for sure! You should really milk it though and try to post every day to get max rewards.

Thanks for that - lets rock this place

I did

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Hey I got you, sorry it took a couple days I somehow overlooked you on Steemauto.

You're on there now tho!

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