VIP List 12/13/2019

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VIPservice is a top tier rewards program that was created to give additional benefits to our biggest CANNA token holders and supporters of the Canna-Curate project. We believe every Steemian deserves to earn more for their hard work, and we have grown well beyond our humble roots as a Cannabis community. If you want to start earning more on your Steem posts then consider joining our ranks as a VIP!

Each and every CANNA token is now backed by at least 1.1 STEEM at all times. They are freely traded on Steem-Engine's platform and there is a robust market for resale of the tokens. Special thanks to all of our market makers who have been providing some liquidity.

Here is the exclusive VIP list, updated as of Friday, December 13th. If you wanna get on the list you know what to do! Delegate 1000 SP or more to @Canna-Curate (not @Canna-Collective) OR hold 100 or more CANNA tokens.

I have been keeping the Voting Power dynamic as the number of VIPs continues to grow and the network adjusts. Over time as our STEEM Power increases so will the resulting votes :)



Account Balance
-1 @dr-autoflower 550.000
-2 @ecoinstant 410.000
-3 @prettynicevideo 400.000
-4 @bluntsmasha 278.000
-5 @stever82 200.000
-6 @htliao 162.000
-7 @jonyoudyer 161.000
-8 @adriansky 152.000
-9 @drutter 150.500
-10 @skylinebuds 145.500
-11 @mondoshawan 134.420
-12 @doitvoluntarily 125.000
-13 @budwizard 105.000
-14 @igel2017 105.000
-15 @yuriks2000 102.000
-16 @evernoticethat 101.000
-17 @chunkysoupsvc 101.000
-18 @senattor 100.500
-19 @lovelemon 100.000
-20 @ecoinstats 100.000
-21 @m18207319997 100.000
-22 @nuagnorab 100.000
-23 @ironshield 100.000
-24 @trevorlp97 100.000
-25 @slientstorm 100.000
-26 @minloulou 100.000
-27 @pet.society 100.000
-28 @cn-activity 100.000
-29 @teamcn-fund 100.000
-30 @ericet 100.000
-31 @psyo 100.000
-32 @metzli 100.000
-33 @cannawriter 100.000
-34 @khan.dayyanz 100.000



There are now 34 token VIPs! I have made some minor adjustments to the Voting Power as needed and we are currently offering 40% up-votes.

Token holders with 100 or more CANNA tokens will be on the list and receive their daily reward up-vote from @VIPservice.

In the future, as we gain more STEEM Power I will be able to offer different tiers for our CANNA token holders, but until we balance back out I will be exploring different options. Additionally we will be staking some of the various Steem-engine tokens that our community uses in order to layer the rewards.

Canna-Curate VIP Delegators:

Delegators who delegate 1000 SP or more to @Canna-Curate will get on the list and receive a hefty daily up-vote from our VIP services, currently set at 40%.

Account Stats:

Effective Power 37,187.62 SP ( 37,587.90 - 400.28 ), +88.45 since 12/5
Vote Amount $ 0.32
Reputation 53.382
Followers 61 | 26 following


Thanks to all of our supporters and the members of @Canna-Curate!


If you have any questions or concerns please stop into our Discord channel and talk to @hotsauceislethal or @jonyoudyer :)


Really Cool. This is one of the best service. Smoke Weed everyday :-)
Have a nice weekend
greetings from germany

Hell yeah man thank you so much :)
We aim to be the best support account around, trying to slowly expand our reach beyond just the Cannabis community.

Glad to have you with us :)

Weed people are just awesome. From me there is 1000SP to support you. Don't post regularly, but it's a good thing. I have full support for you. Good people great project. Have a nice weekend
Greetings :-)

Thanks so much for your support!

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