VIP List 11/8/2019

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VIPservice is a top tier rewards program that was created to give additional benefits to our biggest CANNA token holders and supporters of the Canna-Curate project.

We are currently running a Token Stage 1 promotion for the remaining tokens! See @Canna-Collective for more information.

Here is the exclusive VIP list, updated as of Friday, November 8th. If you wanna get on the list you know what to do! Delegate 1000 SP or more to our sister @Canna-Curate (not @Canna-Collective) OR hold 100 or more CANNA tokens.

I have been keeping the Voting Power dynamic as the number of VIPs continues to grow and the network adjusts. Over time as our STEEM Power increases so will the resulting votes :)



Account Balance
1- @dr-autoflower 420.000
2- @prettynicevideo 300.000
3- @htliao 162.000
4- @adriansky 152.000
5- @stever82 150.000
6- @skylinebuds 140.500
7- @jonyoudyer 122.000
8- @mondoshawan 118.420
9- @hotsauceislethal 110.000
10- @bluntsmasha 108.000
11- @evernoticethat 102.000
12- @yuriks2000 102.000
13- @chunkysoupsvc 101.000
14- @m18207319997 100.000
15- @nuagnorab 100.000
16- @ironshield 100.000
17- @trevorlp97 100.000
18- @tiffany4ever 100.000
19- @slientstorm 100.000
20- @minloulou 100.000
21- @pet.society 100.000
22- @cn-activity 100.000
23- @teamcn-fund 100.000
24- @ericet 100.000
25- @honoru 100.000
26- @psyo 100.000
27- @metzli 100.000
28- @cannawriter 100.000
29- @khan.dayyanz 100.000
30- @doitvoluntarily 100.000


-@m18207319997 (Received +5 SBI shares)
-@adriansky (Received +5 SBI shares)

There are now 30 token VIPs! I have made some minor adjustments to the Voting Power as needed and we are currently offering 40% up-votes.

Token holders with 100 or more CANNA tokens will be on the list and receive their daily reward up-vote from @VIPservice.

In the future, as we gain more STEEM Power I will be able to offer different tiers for our CANNA token holders, but until we balance back out I will be exploring different options. Additionally we will be staking some of the various Steem-engine tokens that our community uses in order to layer the rewards.

Canna-Curate VIP Delegators:

Delegators who delegate 1000 SP or more to @Canna-Curate will get on the list and receive a hefty daily up-vote from our VIP services, currently set at 40%.

Account Stats:

Effective Power 37,195.41 SP (+114 SP since 10/30)
Vote Amount $ 0.33
Reputation 52.787
Followers 49|16 following

Thanks to all of our supporters and the members of @Canna-Curate!


If you have any questions or concerns please stop into our Discord channel and talk to @hotsauceislethal or @jonyoudyer :)


Heres one of my girls 😍 20191007_162025.jpg

Great looking flowers there :) Just a tinge of purple on the edges, probably from the cold eh?

Great work @hotsauceislethal. We are building and setting up the cannabis community for the onboarding. Now with weedcash we will take our comunity to the moon!

Great work @canna-curate and that hole team..

I am number 6 but this k I can be number 3 maybe even number 2 by next report.

Good job guys I will consider more soon.

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