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You know when you start smoking a few doobies and eat a few THC infused gummies on a day off then start writing and wake up to a dead phone wondering wtf... that was me this weekend 😅 phone charged up I found this below 👇 written out in @partiko... been awhile since I opened Partiko I must have been stoned 🤣 anyways enjoy!

Since discovering STEEM my view of social media, blogging and even vlogging has changed and along with it my perspective of the necessity of change. Prior to starting my creative journey I had thought recording myself to be a vain pursuit yet standing in the other shoes I now see how wrong I was about... vlogging being a waste of energy... playing video games for a living... myself being able to do it... the value to the creator the act of creation has!

Landing here during a rough patch may have enabled me to find that therapeutic value in writing which I had not known before but it’s an understanding of the inevitable change yet to come that keeps me flipping the pages. Do you know what I’m talking about? How social media is flawed and we stand on the verge of seeing a true replacement not controlled by a centralized entity with who knows what agenda? They do what they want hidden behind multi tier corporations with disposable faces, the money holders I’m referring to!

So many aspects of blockchain technology and STEEM, can’t forget DTube, make me wonder why do decentralized solutions have such a hard time filtering to the main stream? The answer is obvious and goes with the paragraph above, the money holders. No major investor is going to sink money into something that cannot be controlled... watch it on shark tank or any other show, it’s not just an act as they are showing off for their peers and reputation and appearance goes a long way(so I’m told). I hate saying it so bluntly but many will use crypto as a vehicle for wealth transfer yes but will they likely HODL? Most likely no... maybe angel invest... 2-3 year cash out plans... but that means in 3 years we would need a working platform that has filtered its way into mainstream on every level... I see the same strengths blockchain offers as the reason for mainstream ignorance understanding that the market space we wish to invade is tightly controlled by the centralized vehicles of promotion available to us 🤦‍♂️ things like bit-connect fucked that all right up for us!

Social media is perfect for the average Joe or Jane to start a movement and get the attention of mainstream yet not under current suppression systems... in their eyes and even some of our own... we “the decentralized” are uncontrollable and risky... such as things cannot be simply forced along to meet a deadline in the decentralized consensus model as in corporations. This is often because the solutions need to be invented not simply purchased and implemented but that goes to the 3 year investor time factor which nearly no project out there seems to really start making money till about then as any investors start dumping holdings, remember investing is more about the big money then anything.

Now we have so many blockchain options available with different solutions but none really working or communicating to solve the problem of giving what every digital giant seems to want, our data! We have Brave & BAT kind of doing their own version of tracker blocking and ads opt in and get paid which is a huge step in the right direction yet missing the mark of what I see the eventual social media blockchain evolution will be.

❤️ One Love, One People, One Blockchain ❤️

So as I see it the big issue facing crypto and blockchain technology because of crypto is divergence of wealth... just as an exercise imagine one team controlled all that wealth, as in if a corporation invented blockchain what influence would that corporation have to gain the spot light? How quickly could things advance with money to sink into the solutions? Yet that isn’t decentralized and is not going to be the evolution either as we are seeing that already met with resistance from the people they want to bring in to use it, us the ones fighting against them(legacy banking) which created blockchain in the first place... makes me wonder what was Satoshi wanting to solve? Double spending of the financial institutions!

With so many fighting for market dominance and projects feeling the pressure trying to keep an appearance of progression during the downfall in value since last all time highs I see a bubble forming such as the dot com... you better believe a blockchain amazon is going to rise to the top and since the voice of the people is through social media I believe it will be the option which meets big data’s needs while facilitating the desire of creators in a user friendly fashion... look at how quickly everyone jumped on Appics which many Steemians consider spam or shit posting! Give people what they want and it will be a success EG Tiktok where they spoon feed you the content that their algorithm deems suitable for your viewing based on history. Tiktok is the new YouTube where people go to create and have fun, find other real people, roll out a persona, what YouTube started as before censorship took the voice away from the people making it hard to create or find the content desired.

If we the people control the success based on use but “big data” adjusts the filtering based on control why not give that control to the people and allow “big data” to filter how ever they choose? I have always been big about empowering the individual, look at @onelovedtube and the faces of one love, a single person empowered can be the person we all get behind. A movement often starts with a single face such as whom do you think of when I say “B-Core” for Bitcoin? The people make a decision and naturally divide themselves based on a single persons proposition or do they see something to get behind which seems to go against the grain hoping for it to be the necessary change?

I say the concept of blockchain in function with social media needs to be reinvented to empower the individual. How can we do this?

Well I see so many trying to keep up with every single platform and maintain that they are separate! We have teams of people often working to maintain a single creators online persona funded by the mainstream platforms we are filtered from yet I still see those on STEEM struggling to keep up swamped in the work load happy for any recognition they get. We add to that work load with complexity of posting and cross posting... DTube with YouTube share helps for me but doesn’t completely solve it... as in do you decide to focus on the platform you love STEEM or try promote it elsewhere while your at it? I slap platform branding on everything I do so when it is shared it helps to promote yet currently it is a lot of fruitless work!


A single place for creators, run their own chain or something I don’t know the details of how it would all communicate, where they set it once and allow things to filter where approved... leave the front end platforms in control and allow the battle of big data and consumers to continue but with a tool that provides users the control of what is openly offered.. we talk about decentralization yet we must go to these front ends to get our content... the personal blockchain could reward users for views and platform for picking it up while providing any “personal data” the user desired to set available in their personal chain. Lock the personal tokens up till the platform unlocks them with uptake of content and I’m certain people would take the opportunity to fund a creator directly with purchase!

Anyways I hope you get where I’m going with this... trying to imagine ways of breaking through the social media barrier as I see crypto adoption hinging on suppression of the people’s voice due to a battle of control... ultimately it may go to the top with big banking and world financial control... crypto is perceived as a threat to control of the entire worlds financial systems...

This May Be The Battle We Are All Fighting!

I am so excited to witness the outcome and pray I do not get left behind in the change! I know one thing for certain, through what I have discovered I have found myself once more. What I discovered in that lowest of low times led me here. I met so many awesome people and so many more founding members of @onelovedtube which they supported and challenged me. We created something that evolved into what it is today due to change.

Change, it’s inevitable! Yet I see one thing remains constant... intrinsic value of...

The People









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Decentralisation comes with so much uncertainty and normies don't like that they want predictability and ease of use. Micro earnings is clearly not a motivating factor for the masses nor is privacy.

In this social media space, it's all about recognition and social clout.

I'm sure there are enough people who do care about it though not in the billions but millions maybe few 10s of millions, it's just reaching them with the message that this place is here is hasn't been easy.

Onboarding is tough but I think the chain is becoming more versatile and each day new accounts come on-chain. Perhaps slow and steady growth is the way to go and not hoping for this influx of people at once only for it to bust.

Thus the reason I suggest things need to change for the sake of the creator... simplicity in function is everything and decentralized is not easy by nature but that can change.