SPUD2 - Back for another SPUD.

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If you don't know what SPUD is, check out @streetstyle's blog.

spud - potatos.jpg
Source: Pixabay

I like the concept and have joined in again this time around.

Firstly, I bought BTC with fiat, through Coinbase.

Then I sent it through @blocktrades to STEEM.

Powered up 40 STEEM:

spud - steem.JPG

I decided to spread out my SPUD activities a bit beyond just STEEM. I sent some of the STEEM to Steem-engine.

I bought some weedcash and powered it up.

spud - weed.JPG

And some Gamer as well:

spud - gamer.JPG

So that's it for this SPUD - Just wishing I had more fiat spare to go bigger.




I hear you on that one! Would be nice to take advantage of the low prices. We know that it will go up!!

Yes, as much as I'd love to see the prices of STEEM climb to the moon, I am OK if it doesn't happen for a while to give us time to accumulate more.

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