Rising Star (noob moves!)

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Just started the game Rising Star!!

Decided to start a new game, so decided to go with one on the Hive.

And to have a better start, iI invested in 12 card pack to start with!
Can someone tell me if I got good cards??

Captura de Ecrã (2).png


hi i am very new to risingstar too and i cant tell you much about your cards only they look ok, but id suggest to buy yourself a pizza box and a coffee cup on the market, that will help you longterm a lot, because you dont instantly use these items once u find them! good luck

Thanks man, i will get some hive to buy them...
and by the way, shall i sell some of my cards?? or keep them?

i mean, is the market active? will my stuff sell or just stay there forever?

What does this have to do with weed?

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Welcome to Rising Star Game 🤘

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