HashKings Guide - How to get Special Seeds

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my short guide on obtaining the new Special Seeds in the blockchain game #hashkings!

What are special seeds?

Just recently, HashKings announced new a new BUD burning pool for special seeds. Unlike regular seeds, special seeds can also be planted on ANY piece of land! They will have the following stats:

Hkwater required: 504
Sprouting time: 1 day
Buds: 270

How do I get special seeds?

A total of 30,000 special seeds will be dropped over the span of 8 weeks (3750 per week). In order to qualify for the drop, you must burn BUD in the Special Seed Pool.

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 2.41.38 PM.png

The total number of seeds you receive will be proportional to your share of the pool.

For example, if a total of 1000 BUD is staked for the first week, and you hold 10% of the pool (100 BUD), you will receive 375 special seeds (10% of the weekly supply).

Each seed has the following chance to be:

Blue Dream - 1.38%
Bubblegum - 3.99%
Critical Kush - 9.82%
Shaggi's Dream - 17.06%
Purple Haze - 25.06%
Snoops Dream - 42.56%


What else are special seeds for?

Since these special seeds provide a significantly lower BUD yield then normal seeds, planting them may not be the best choice. Instead, you can hold onto special seeds as collectible NFTs. Or, you can wait until the RAIDS EXPANSION on Oct 31st to use special seeds to craft unique avatars!

View the original post about Special Seeds here

I hope you enjoyed my short guide, and have fun playing #HashKings!

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