Official community War! Squib, AKA gangstalking spam war.

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Well actually it is a real person and he wandered into my room.

Excellent hahaha excellent...

Well we are tired of this spam.

My discord. It's going out on this next round of spam. Hehe. Come join. Spread the word.

We are educating people
Curation trails. Rewards...

And that downvote power. We all got it. And never use it. Well let's start. I do. And I'm gonna get to laying down the smack.

I offered him to get peace. But I think he underestimated the community.

We got rid of Justin scum. We got huge moves and a new world. Best work of the internet is going into this.

We can do this.

Dog says hello.

Come find the war. Let's get this going and bang back.

There is nothing we can't do this platform has the best minds in the world working together.

And of course we can change the course of human history let alone our own destinies.

I am just absolutely honored by all the amazing people who have been honest and encouraged me to write this formal declaration of war against spam.

And of course directly getting a threat from this individual was pretty funny. Somehow he is going to Target me and my account. Well I'm just going to start calling on my friends and the community to have my back and support me as I dive into this battle.

I am just going to simply use the tools that we already have.

If people would like to help me out which I've got a lot of friends here and a lot of respect from some amazing people... If any of you would like to help me out and help educate others on how to mute as well as automate accounts, and fight back I would really appreciate it.

Time to hook a brother up. And I know there's going to be some big moves...

Now I'm just going to be very honest. I am not talking for the community to take excess matters however we could all simply use a small percentage of our daily downvote power in a massive down flood. We can use our downvote power and our community voices to say we are done. And hopefully he can get locked out of the proof of brain community and we can further lock him out and deny him any ability to continually harass people.

However if this individual would like to meet up in person and directly issue his threat? Well let's just say that's on the table and I will sell tickets. If anybody wants to watch this event I am sure we can figure out some way to video and record this. Pay-per-view for the live broadcast!!! And then on top of it we can post the video and share the link around for all of the supporters to post up video links.

Just imagine across the world people just like you and me can speak together. We need more positive and the spam is going to bring the community together in our battle to combat it.

Thank you everyone from me and dog.


Holy fuck is this a bad take. You've been so irresponsible in this that you should really just leave this one alone since you clearly have no idea how to engage with this guy in a manner that will be a net positive. He's been downvoted to oblivion to the point that you have to click to reveal his comments, its already well past a point of diminishing returns where downvoting won't really change much. So it comes off as you trying to flex power to get him to change but that's so useless especially the dangerous way you're engaging him. Its bad enough being aggressive but you actually had to include the shit he's going on about and validating it.

Not only are you adding additional spam to the blockchain by commenting the same shit over and over on his comments but you're creating more confusion. People aren't clear on if you are talking about gangstalking or the OP and people could easily just misconstrue and downvote the wrong person. And when you double commented the same spam on Nutritree's post that you're regurgitating, they actually went to the link in the comment and shared that old post about the V2K thing so your efforts have completely backfired on you and have increased the traffic to these ramblings. Just walk away from this one and dont feed the trolls. You look like an idiot when you engage people like that.

Use less big words. He is too stupid to understand how he is any different than the other spammer.

Snitch.... You run your mouth quite a bit for a person hiding behind a screen.

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Cool I'll just enjoy the spam and fuck off.
Yep you won't do anything about it...

But you can bitch.

That's all you can do.

You did less than nothing. Nothing is better than what you're doing. You really think saying 'we're going to increase the terrorism in your brain' is going to lead to a better outcome? As soon as you did that, you completely disqualified yourself from being able to find a better outcome. You can't flex on him to make him stop and you're engaging with the false narrative. You think having dick measuring contests with lunatics and saying you have more friends than them makes you look good in anyone's eyes or solves a single problem on or off chain?

Just watch... I got a bunch of tricks. ..and yeah hey @fyrstikken where's that button? Mail me a remote? I'll turn it to 40 and leave it.

Sometimes you have to confront behavior.

I've gotten way more support from the tribes including proofofbrain! And as well weedcash. Both are working on blocking this at the tribal.level.

And some people didn't know you can mute him. Or downvote... Or automating your account!

So e big things are coming out. This word is reaching.

And the snitch? His report at hivewatchers is gonna be round filed...

We got an amazing amount of support and a community upset. Well... I'll help change that. There is going to be huge positive change for all of us.

And at what cost? A little more spam going out countering his? Oh yep. That's not bad. I'll take that over his behavior and flag war.

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Hahahahaha. Are you talking about this nigga @gangstalking?
If he's the one, Y'all gotta take it easy with him thou. I think he's just tryna catch some fun over here, But that nigga a pain in the ass. He be just dropping the same spam comments every goddamn time.😠😠😠

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Just watch I got some tricks.

I'll be watching. Haha😄 This should be fun.😊

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I am glad someone else sees how stupid trying to fight spam with spam is..:

Yeah, That's right. Spamming isn't right and no one in his/her right senses will ever advice or support such bullshit.

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Suck my balls Cartman. Snitch... You gonna call mommy next?

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