Checkout the new look, a d it's new feature from blocktrades allowing tips in BTC ETH LTC and DOGE

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I also realized that without vimm we can already make tips in BTC LTC, BCH, DOGE and pegged dollar coin on steem-engine which works with regular steem accounts, so you cna go deposit any of those tokens including steem into and then send those pegged steem-engine assets to ANY steem users and they don't have to do anything, but sign into steem-engine with their steem key or steem keychain extension and they can sell the pegged BTC LTC BCH or DOGE for SteemP steem PEGGED OR they can directly withdraw that money for just 1% fee USING any of those bitshares and its openledger gateways but much more reliable... now uses blocktrades for its system but steem engine is using pegged assets and so you can send them to a steem users wallet and let them sit, and they can withdraw them whenever they want. also.has a Gem token which you can buy and sell on steem-engine and I have a tiny amount of GEM as it's not for sale as no one has any sell orders. @ddrfr33k hey man ask some of your friends at vimm to sell some GEM!

hey also I have friends who want to either buy Vimm or clone it so how much to get a custom front end of vimm where my friend could host his own streamers a d have everything vimm has but I'd wanna replace the gem token with our own Content Points or Clouttoken. I'd want a scotbot site from @aggroed like @coffeebuds has with #weedcash Feels just like early days of dlive before dlive ditched steem and became a massive scam using stolen money to pay pewdiepie... it's a shame but vimm can capture all that lost energy and start over snd have a real decentralized user run system where streamers wanting to take on the risk of crazy streams with looser TOS terms of service or even a user written and amended constitution can all be possible. I can see a very successful token sale using steem engine to advertise a new streaming site where the token sale goes to development, payroll and token holders hold power in DAC

#vimm #blockchain #cryptocurrency #bitcoin

I repost my instagram feed to Steem with which I see as a gateway for people to bring content to steem and to bring millions of new users to steem to get paid for existing social media

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