Introducing ReggaeSteem ( Reggae Culture Rewarded )

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Introducing ‪‬, Reggae Culture Rewarded

What is ReggaeSteem?

ReggaeSteem is the new home for reggae music and culture on Steem. A new global hub for lovers of the culture to converge, share creations, ideas, feedback and consume quality content-- all while getting rewarded.

Our ReggaeSteem SCOT Tribe built on the steem blockchain enables us to attract this very influential global community. A community that is undervalued, full of development and known for setting trends and 'going viral'. We believe by merging the cutting edge technology of Steem and the robust global community of Reggae lovers, we can spread the wings of both the Steem blockchain and Reggae culture, globally.


Why ReggaeSteem?

ReggaeSteem is all about Reggae culture and lifestyle. We want to serve this niche in a new way by rewarding them for promoting the culture. Post about food, fashion, artiste, music, DJs, Sound Systems, the latest news, gossip, events, history, art, products, marijuana, Rastafarian, healthy vegan eating, anything having to do with the zculture and lifestyle. ReggaeSteem is our ultimate Reggae culture social network where we are the content creators, the curators and for that we are the rewarded.

Use hashtag #JAHM from any Steem interface to post to and start earning JAHM today!


ReggaeSteem, a Business

Legal Entity: Beachfront Cryptography Ltd DBA ReggaeSteem (dba filed at time of posting)

ReggaeSteem, the service is powered by JAHM, a SCOT (Steem-Engine) token. JAHM is used to access promotions and incentives on the ReggaeSteem network (including and other social network accounts operated by ReggaeSteem). What separates us from many Steem Tribes is that we are building a business to directly benefit our members and their home communities.

Please note, the following features will be rolled out gradually,
however nothing below is a guarantee. By all means, this is not an
official road-map.

Traditional Advertising

Companies in and around the culture; party promoters, record labels, artistes, restaurants, producers and brands will be able to access advertising packages.

The Oracle-d Model = ReggaeSTEEMAZ

This aspect of ReggaeSteem is influenced by one of the most revolutionary models on the steem blockchain. Using voting power we will reward members of our community for fulfilling certain tasks. We call this group; ReggaeSTEEMAZ.

These tasks will be done for ReggaeSteem clients, in which payment and rewards to participating ReggaeSTEEMAZ will be facilitated by JAHM. Clients may choose from multiple payment methods and/or fiat currencies but will be required to own a Steem account.

JAHM Token Holders Benefits

  • Tours & Attractions in Jamaica Book a tour or attraction in Jamaica using JAHM Tokens. All tours are provided by reputable transportation services in Jamaica, or you may choose a provider of your choice and we can facilitate a crypto-friendly transaction.

  • Hire a 'SteemaGuide'
    SteemaGuides are fellow Steemians and ReggaeSteem members who can help plan your trip around the island of Jamaica. Visit with your family and friends. Our SteamaGuides can even plan your perfect destination wedding or honeymoon.

    Stake JAHM and get a yearly complimentary stay in our partnered accommodations in Jamaica, conditions apply. More details and a list of participating hotels and resorts will be posted within the coming weeks. You can preview a list of pre-approved crypto-friendly venues at


  • The JAHM Shop
    Purchase goods and services in the JAHM SHOP and get exclusive access to discounts.

  • Community Charities and Sponsorship
    Many schools, music clubs, sports teams and programs can use our help in Jamaica and the Caribbean. In time we can vote on different initiatives to throw our ReggaeSteem support globally, wherever it's needed most.

We are continually looking for partners to bolster our dynamic and intuitive reggae ecosystem. Got an idea, talk to us in our Discord or Telegram group. We are welcome to ideas and feedback. Our mission is to bring value to the culture.

Interested in joining our team? Visit

JAHM Drop Distribution


There will be a 3-staged airdrop, culminating in a mega 1m Mega JAHM drop in 3 months:

  • Drop 1: Seven77 members and Steem accounts that have been posting
    about reggae culture.

  • Drop 2: Weedcash, PAL, SteemLeo Stakers ( Within the next 48 Hrs)

  • Drop 3: 1m JAHM Incentivized bounty to get traffic/content on our platform from real-world marketing initiatives and Steem on-boarding. For more info visit here:

Note: There was a pre-launch bounty exclusively for Seven77 members. ( A part of Drop 1)They received 777-1077 JAHM for creating a post about their favorite Reggae Song and artiste, while helping us to test ReggaeSteem

*J symbol for illustration purposes only.*

JAHM-NOMICS (Tokenomics)

Token: JAHM

Token Type: Utility

Max Supply: 100m

Initial tokens minted and distributed:

Team: 12.6m (4.2m each @dmilliz @miyard @donald.porter)

Development: 6.2m (@beachfrontcrypto)
—3.1m allocated for sell walls
—3.1m for reserves

Promotions/Incentives: 6.2m (@reggaesteem)
—3.1m allocated for Aridrops (see below for details)
—3.1m allocated for incentives, ambassadors and moderators

Total minted: 25m JAHM

An initial Sell-wall has been placed with 1m JAHM at .03 STEEM/each. A total of 30,000 STEEM. These tokens (if sold) will be used to fund the next couple stages of development and help us on-board local Jamaicans on to Steem. ie SCOTBot features, INV Tokens for new accounts and local newspaper ads, radio ads, flyers, events and meetups.

For more details on JAHM Token and it's distribution, visit

Let's get JAHMIN! Delegate to @ReggaeSteem and get curated by our SP (on your #JAHM posts)

Delegate here

Thank you for reading. We look forward to growing with Steem and bringing the culture of Reggae and an entire nation onto the blockchain.*

-- #TeamReggaeSteem : @dmilliz @donald.porter @miyard

Website | Steem Tribe | Careers | Discord

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Thanks for Initial airdrop. The infolink in to your url
is misconfigured. www is missing. is ok
Or configure the domain without www.
Good luck with jahm

Aaah yes , thank you for that info , hahaha it was a rough day getting that airdrop out. We shall be more meticulous🦁 ( point out things when u see it, we appreciate it. )

is ska as subculture also allowed?

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For sure ! Anything to do with Reggae and Jamaican culture. Ska is Jamaican vibes :). Looking forward to some Ska post from you.

For sure! Ska is the roots of Reggae. Some of these comments don't appear on various interfaces.

Thank you very much for including me in the coin drop, I really appreciate it. I always thought that Jamaica would be a cool place to visit, but I am not a world traveler in any sense of to word. I think the best intro to Bob Marley and his music that I have ever seen was by Will Smith in the re-make of Omega Man. (A pretty decent remake). Any way thanks for the jamming tune and the air drop.

Blessings! Yes that Will Smith scene is a classic. Reggae is the world music, we are doing our part to spread the culture and spread Steem. Thanks for the great comment.

I've heard Reggae music since I was a kid back in 90's...

Finally, we got a platform for all the Reggae's fans :D Thanks a bunch, @reggaesteem

Thank you ;) Sorry for the late reply

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Thanks for the feedback, bredda 😀

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Love the fact you’re partnering with Hotels

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Thanks @mcoinz, we'll post an official list within the coming weeks. However, you can preview some of our participating Hotels, Restaurants and Venues at

Currently, we are able to book hotels/tours/events in Jamaica. Hop over to the #ReggaeSteem Discord>>Tourism channel for more info:


Reggae and Steem best combination ever!!!

Thank you ! We feel it can bring some good attention to Steem.

Hi @dmilliz @reggaesteem

Have I missed the Seven77 members airdrop? I saw on another post from dmilliz personal account that it had been extended. I was thinking of making a DTube reggaesteem post, but it will take me at least 3 hours to record and edit. Am I too late for the Seven77 fam airdrop?

@raj808, reggae lover

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Definitely not too late bro, post it and leave a link in the #ReggaeSteem Discord:

Cheers @donald.porter

I've just fished editing a vlog/music performance about my favourite track and story of reggae. It wasn't hard to talk about as reggae is deep in the community I live in 🙂

I'll drop it in discord when it's uploaded to DTube 👍🇯🇲

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I am so down for this!!! I am a Cannabis user and a reggae junkie!! Lets get it

We welcome you:) L:ooking forward to the IRIE-ness

@reggaesteem, And we are very excited to explore this Community and to know this Culture. Every Community and Culture teaches us something and spreads a message.

I am excited towards this journey team. Stay blessed.

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Thank you brother, we appreciate your kind words, together we shall grow Steem through this effort.

Yes. Today i was watching an random series of GOD and from nowhere part of Reggae Music is mentioned in that series. At that point it reflected as Universe is aligning me with the Reggae Music and Culture. Stay blessed.

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This is the kind of project i would love to delegate to. This sounds amazing however I can not figure out how to do that. I tried to and got an error message. Help?

Hi @bethvalverde, we'd really appreciate it and can assist you in our Discord:


Will be delegated pal and leo also included in airdrop?

Hey @oldtimer, Airdrops are going out to the Steem accounts that own the initial stake only. Delegations are ignored.

Thanks for asking and allowing us to clear this up!


On your website it says:


But in your post only pal/weedcash/leo is mentioned..

This is for the 3rd drop, the mega drop. It will be based on Sp and other factors ( still fine tuning the details, but once you do as the page says, you will be in that drop.. The 2nd drop is based on Pal,leo, weedcash staking. Sorry for any confusion.

I have 945 staked PAL and 898 staked LEO but they are all delegate out. Am I eligible for the airdrop?

woooaw, it's my first time of hearing of this new tribe and ireally think my friend @mango-juice will love it

Thank you ! Tell them all, they are welcome.

What an amazing project.

My husband is an amazing musician, maybe he will finally get some use out of his account.

Looking forward to earning #JAHM

Hi @metzli, If you need any assistance uploading his content please feel free to contact us in the #ReggaeSteem Discord:

Thanks for the support!

So many benefits~ looking forward the airdrop~

Coming soon:)

can't wait to participate daily. I will be delegating soon.

@cfclosers Thank you! We appreciate it! Bless UP!

Hello guys!!! This is an awesome idea!! I got pal, leo and weedcash staked, but didn´t get an airdrop. Did I do something wrong??

Hi, sorry for the late reply it is sorted already no?

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Yes!! Sorted out, thank you very much my friend

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Love it. I have been visiting the condensor and, no doubt, its theme is interesting. Now, after reading this post, I'd like to say, it'd be a well structured business as well.

Good luck to you guys.

@mobi72 thanks, we aim to please!

Wish you an amazing and successful journey.

I am Loving This Platform Really..

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Thank you. Looking forward to your reggaeSteem content.

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Thanks for reggae recognition at last...


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This is great. I am creating my first post here :)

Briliant hahahah Bless Up!

Pretty interesting project!

Thank you! Much appreciated.

Scratch Lee Perry content all damn day!

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Looking forward to it. The living legend and trendsetter.

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Another great tribe has appeared!

Thank you !

This looks great. ReggaeSteem is a professional-looking and very promising initiative.

Hope you can promote both reggae music and Jamaica here on this platform.

All the best as we move forward ... Full Steem Ahead.

Thank you very much. Our passion is representing Reggae and Jamaica. Something tells us this project will bring so much attention to Steem that Ned.... and even Dan will be surprised. ( fingers 🤞🏾 crossed )

This site has great potential, and such potential will be realized with comprehensive, focused blogs like ReggaeSteem.

Of course, it might take some time, and it will definitely take a concerted effort. But by creating quality content as your blog does, the entire Steemit site will become more successful. And we will all attain greater success.


p.s. I love your logo!! I lost a tri-color peace badge a short while ago, and am looking for a replacement. (It had been pinned to my hat for about 16 years.)

Maybe I'll copy your logo onto a new badge. :-)

Thank you for the encouraging words man. You also gave a nice idea , I want that badge, I am sure many would too;)

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Im going to post some ragga-/jungletek over there! ;)

Sadly I have no pal/sct/Leo stake

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There's still time to catch the #Seven77 bounty. Post your favorite reggae song on #ReggaeSteem for a 777 JAHM drop, upload a dtube video and get 1077!

Drop a link in our Discord after to make sure we get it in time:

cool! just posted it. :)

Congratulations on launching your community. I don't exactly post about reggae culture much...but nice to have you here on Steem. Hope you are successful with your community.

Thank you for commenting. And that is the lovely part about Steem. It was made for communities. We are playing our role and building the reggae niche. Blessings!

GodSpeed 💙 ♬

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Welcome to the Blockchain @reggaesteem thanks so much for the airdrop of 106.58
JAHM Tokens that I will STAKE , nice to see another Tribe on Steem-Engine I probaly wont post here very often but wish you all the best on the platform!! Upped and resteemed 👍😎👍😎 #palnet @jahm #weedcash
Love your Logo!!

This is another amazing development for the steem blockchain and freedom loving people everywhere! Congratulations on your launch, and I can’t wait to start using this tag and site. Let’s rise up together! ✌️💚😎🎧🎶🎵 🇯🇲

Blessings! Thanks for your kind words. We look forward to brining major value to the blockchain with the support of the community. Looking forward to your posts on ReggaeSteem.

Thank you for the tokens!

I have sent you some ATOM too.

Would love to chat to you about how we can work together as we are a community of independent musicians so there is a great synergy there. Please join our Discord so we can discuss how to support each other. Thanks!

Supporting independent musicians and fans!

Join our Community on Discord!

Sorry for the late reply. Yes it would be good to talk and see how we could cooperate.

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