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RE: Introducing ReggaeSteem ( Reggae Culture Rewarded )

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Hi @dmilliz @reggaesteem

Have I missed the Seven77 members airdrop? I saw on another post from dmilliz personal account that it had been extended. I was thinking of making a DTube reggaesteem post, but it will take me at least 3 hours to record and edit. Am I too late for the Seven77 fam airdrop?

@raj808, reggae lover

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Definitely not too late bro, post it and leave a link in the #ReggaeSteem Discord:

Cheers @donald.porter

I've just fished editing a vlog/music performance about my favourite track and story of reggae. It wasn't hard to talk about as reggae is deep in the community I live in 🙂

I'll drop it in discord when it's uploaded to DTube 👍🇯🇲

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