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RE: Introducing ReggaeSteem ( Reggae Culture Rewarded )

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Will be delegated pal and leo also included in airdrop?


Hey @oldtimer, Airdrops are going out to the Steem accounts that own the initial stake only. Delegations are ignored.

Thanks for asking and allowing us to clear this up!


On your website it says:


But in your post only pal/weedcash/leo is mentioned..

This is for the 3rd drop, the mega drop. It will be based on Sp and other factors ( still fine tuning the details, but once you do as the page says, you will be in that drop.. The 2nd drop is based on Pal,leo, weedcash staking. Sorry for any confusion.

I have 945 staked PAL and 898 staked LEO but they are all delegate out. Am I eligible for the airdrop?