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RE: Introducing ReggaeSteem ( Reggae Culture Rewarded )

in #reggae2 years ago

This looks great. ReggaeSteem is a professional-looking and very promising initiative.

Hope you can promote both reggae music and Jamaica here on this platform.

All the best as we move forward ... Full Steem Ahead.


Thank you very much. Our passion is representing Reggae and Jamaica. Something tells us this project will bring so much attention to Steem that Ned.... and even Dan will be surprised. ( fingers 🤞🏾 crossed )

This site has great potential, and such potential will be realized with comprehensive, focused blogs like ReggaeSteem.

Of course, it might take some time, and it will definitely take a concerted effort. But by creating quality content as your blog does, the entire Steemit site will become more successful. And we will all attain greater success.


p.s. I love your logo!! I lost a tri-color peace badge a short while ago, and am looking for a replacement. (It had been pinned to my hat for about 16 years.)

Maybe I'll copy your logo onto a new badge. :-)

Thank you for the encouraging words man. You also gave a nice idea , I want that badge, I am sure many would too;)