Prepping For The Holidays!

in #proofofbrainlast month

Right now, we're all just prepping for the holidays and setting some things up. We've got party plans, food catering plans, etc., all in preparation for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The holiday season is always a hectic one for us. Things have gotten complicated with the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions in place, which are making things more expensive, sadly.

Either way, plans are plans, and we'll stick to them. Lots of the family will be meeting for the holidays this year, where we commonly meet up. So far, there hasn't been much bad news. We can expect a big get-together this year in Florida.

As for our time on Hive, we may be doing another WEEDCASH giveaway in the future! Be sure to follow our channel to be updated on future giveaways.

What are your plans for the holiday season?