I found the secret.... Yes!!! Just spam myself and he posts on my comments.

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Actually this is the greatest thing ever so I'm just going to reply to myself a billion times and spam myself and take the brunt of the community abuse for the community.

Go ahead let him spam me and throw all these flags on me I am okay with all that and with more community action coming to deal with this situation and as well the tribes taking action individually we are just seeing the greatest thing in the world.

Again I'm very very sorry I really super apologize if you're going to throw throw flags against me I completely understand.

And again if anybody would like any help or sport on having to deal with this situation just let me know I would be more than happy to redirect his attention back over to my wonderful post and this huge spam war that I'm fighting.

Just because I've had one hater... And I have gotten some grumpy but I mean only one hater... However the rest of the community has just absolutely been shocked that even these little accounts of ours can take action.

If you want to join me please do. Let's trigger this guy and run his entire power down.
.until we can get people to mute and block him from posting in the tribes.

And then again if you are not a part of any drugs please let me know I will absolutely make introductions and consult with you. I will be more than happy to introduce you to my friends by all means come to my discord channel.. hopefully you have gotten the link to that from this massive spam flood.

So to be clear I am going to take the brunt of this and suffer spamming myself to draw out as many comments and to absolutely liquidate as much of his power as possible so please if you guys would like to join me in countering this you are allowed to fight back. We have the power!!!
.hivians unite!


I am just some broke person that is on a fixed income and disability with a service dog. I'm currently homeless and life is pretty austere at the moment.

However I might as well have some fun with life and thank you everyone for trusting and believing in me and rewarding my content until I have enough steak to be able to do things like this. Which is have honor and integrity to stand up for not only myself but a lot of people who are currently wondering what the hell is going on and feeling very harassed and abused.

So without any further Ado if you would please excuse me my exalted audience I have to spam my own post to eat as many resource credits and flags from this horrible account as possible until finally this situation has been resolved.

I really wish I could figure out a way to both spam myself... And really blow myself up... Well thanks and to everyone that can comment spam me and trigger more comment spam on my post? Please do.


Not touching this one with a 40 foot pole 😂🤣🔥

Woah, This is really getting serious. This is more like a war and I believe you gonna win this fight.

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