Planet 13 Cannabis MegaStore Coming To Florida!

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Here in Orlando, Florida, we are no stranger to flying past Cloud 9, but it seems that a new green planet is closer to us than we realize. Scientists have discovered that a new celestial body is heading right towards us to provide us with some fresh chronic that's out of this world, Planet 13. It is also coming to some other major cities in Florida that should also stay wary.

Planet 13, a Nevada-based cannabis company, has decided to open up multiple cannabis dispensary superstores in the State of Florida as the state slowly opens up its market to the cannabis industry. The cannabis company has paid roughly $55 Million for licenses and certifications to operate within Florida. The cannabis industry in Florida generates $1.9 billion in revenue and has expected to climb as tourism rates return and people move to the Sunshine State. The cities on the hit list in Florida include Orlando, Tampa, and Miami; Expected to open doors sometime within a year.

Planet 13 is one of many other businesses that are expanding their operations in the state. The Florida cannabis industry is slowly liberalizing, yet companies are eager to set up shop in Florida, which has paved the way to further legalization. Cannabis has yet to be recreationally legal, but the medical cannabis industry has been pushing for legalization, which Floridians support.

A recreationally legal Florida Cannabis industry sounds like a good time to me. Do you support legal cannabis in Florida, or should it remain medicinal?


I'm definitely looking forward to it! Woo!

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I also see the Jungle Boys are setting up a huge facility there in Florida. Its a mega grow, and those guys get down!

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