Looking Forward To Recreational Cannabis

in #proofofbrain3 months ago

In the state of Florida, we're still waiting for the politicians (Republican majority) to do the right thing and start supporting capitalism for cannabis. It's a long time coming, but there are numerous benefits to legalizing cannabis that I can think of at the top of my head.

A good important aspect of legalizing cannabis is the ease of trade, and the transport of cannabis will help out the local economy while also decreasing the prison population substantially. Of course, at the federal level, the government would want sales scrutinized. At the state level, this will pave the way for people to trade directly with one another. It's good because we have a government that doesn't have a state income tax. If people could form a business and apply the necessary sales tax to their transactions, they can make a living from cannabis trades alone.

The federal government is taking its sweet ass time, so it is nice to see many states take the initiative while the feds bitch and moan about it. State rights matter! I believe it is time for Florida Republicans to wake up and accept the changing times. Cannabis is no longer stigmatized in pop culture, and soon it will be recreational. That's the goal!