Building a Hive Based Store!

#Helloworld! Today I decided to create my own hive based e-store on wordpress! I believe the hive chain needs more e-commerce: And I would love to help lead the way! @ecoinstant @taintedblood and I are launching a gardening tribe with an emphasis on vendor accounts. This will be a test run for that infrastructure.
First off I bought some hosting space and domains.

I'm no Satoshi ... But I managed to download wordpress and then unzip the file and integrate WordPress into the root of my domain!

It's so cool to login to wordpress through the new site!

This is much better than building on We downloaded the actual wordpress files [] and linked it to the domain. We can now integrate custom plugins.
It's so awesome to go to and see the whole wordpress builder with plugins and everything!

Alright, enough technical details ... Let's build the actual store!

Let's start by uploading the hive ecommerce plugin that was recently developed by @roomservice. I want to place this plugin onto the store page first. This will help me format correctly.

This AWESOME new plugin is a "woocommerce" addon that allows for hive and a myriad of other hive based crypto like hive engine tokens! They even have edenbuxx!

I made my products available in Hive, HBD, Hive pegged, BTC pegged, LTC pegged, EOS pegged, Creative Coin, Weedcash, Lotus, Blurt Pegged and edenbuxx! 11 different payment methods!

It took me a while but I finally developed a theme I like. I used a tiled picture of the New River Gorge National River and dark grey and black for the text. I embedded a picture of an actual store front. Then I listed my first two items! High quality; viable Strawberry and mullein seeds. We are open for business!


Note: This site will be updated heavily in the next few days and more products will be added.
That being said I am launching the site NOW as version 1.0!
Special thanks again to @roomservice for building this excellent hive woocommerce plugin add on!


AWESOME JOB! I like, I like!

Reblogged, this is awesome!
Btw you have an error on the addon's link. It shouldn't have the } included on the address.

Thanks ill check that out. 😀

Ah! Epic, will resteem from my main account!


Good Luck! I know several people like @inkitovergilpin who are interested in seeing how this works for their own businesses. Kind regards.


Oh man the Zelda vendor!!! HUGE THROWBACK!
Good luck with your store and tribe guys!

Upvoted, followed and reblogged. It's funny that there's been a drive to draw blogs away from WordPress to start using hive and now you're using WordPress to build an eCommerce store that accepts hive. Well done sir. Upvoted and reblogged.

Great stuff! Good luck with your venture!

Oh Well Done : )

Love the Zelda theme!!!

This is the way to go. You set a great example to motivate others to open new ways by doing it yourself. Good to read your experience. It will motivate other in DIY.

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That's absolutely fantastic news!!! Do keep me and @alchemage posted about this so we can promote it when it comes out. Amazing!