Bag Seeds Grow - Mainlining Cannabis

in #plants4 months ago (edited)

Hi all,

Here is another grow I am doing with bag-seeds. I used a grow tactic called mainlining. Here is a sneak-peak of day 24 of flower...

Stay tuned for a week-by-week grow post
(my struggles as a fist time grower)


Looking good! So ready for your next lesson of the day? Lol

Ok I suggest using the tags, proofofbrain, neoxian, and naturalmedicine

These will get your post published on other tribes that are acceptable of our content. Here in a few days you will get your first weed payout. Just go here to view your tokens. Same keys as Hive.

Thanks for your help, keep it comming. Were can weedcash be traded?

There on Hive engine, then on Newdex. Which is an EOS market

Cool, thanks.

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