Photography: Springtime in Iceland, and miscalanius photos

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After a drop in amition after what appears to be the lss of my steemit account. worth around 1500 usd.
I decided that i would have to break the ice, even if it meant mediocre writing and subpar imagery. so here we go.

Spring came late... as usual the last few years in Iceland. i sniped these purple srouts as they reached for the spring sun a few days ago.


Rust and rustic sculptures have been a target of mine recently:



The later one is a sculpture located near my home in Akureyri, Iceland.

As my time is limited i finish this post on a short note, and leave 2 or 3 images.

I want to clear that all users of the hive keychain and any person / individiual is welcome to use these images, however im not saying the same goes for corporations and for profit usage ... :)




Have a nice day evrybody!



Beautiful photos! But please do not use the Weedcash tag unless you have some photos of cannabis, or psychedelic related content.

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Wow that is really great photography thanks a lot for sharing

Very good

Love it. Very beauty photography