Time to trim some bud

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Time to relax to some awesome music and grab my shears up trim up the buds I harvested from my first Northern Lights plant.


I have been watching a few different techniques about trimming and there are a lot of different ways to trim and when to trim. I am doing a wet/dry trim. That means that I let the buds hang for like two days and trim the bigger stuff off while they are still wet. Then after those dry for about 4-5 more days, do some fine trimming to shape the buds up nicely.


Right now I am focusing on the larger leaves that don’t have any trichomes on them. They are still a bit wet and easy to trim. As you can see, the buds are getting a decent shape off this first trimming and doing a wet/dry trim should give the buds a more dense feeling instead of having these larger leaves that will make them a bit more airy as they dry.


So for the next few hours or so I will be in my grow room listening to music and trimming up some bud.


Bro that looks sexy.

They are so sticky

Nice job, These do look nice and sticky. Now the slow process of curing 😁☮️

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Thanks homie.

Yep there's nothing better than to get to see the fruits of your labors and then smoke them!

Think I already said it before but look up humidors and what the best relative humidity is for smoking.

If you're going to roll a joint just pull a nug out and leave it out for about an hour before you roll one so it's dry enough that it Sparks up perfectly.

However if you smoke pipe weed like I do it is best to keep it on the moister side. Yep it actually Burns slower and gives you really a full flavor.

It also saves quite a bit of those valuable terpenes.

This is the moment where I can super pumped and want to grow more!

For real. I just ordered more pots and soil this morning, so I am going to be germinating some more seeds in the next couple days.

I cannot wait to see the end result of this! They have grown so good and look amazing. Also, can't wait to see your next experiment 😅

It is almost here. It has been a huge learning experience and I am hoping I just keep getting better at growing cannabis and can get more each time. As far as the next experiment. I am hoping to start it all this week.